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Kyle Holmes

Kyle Holmes of Black Nova Designs shares his plans for October!

OCTOBER is almost over, it’s Q4 and one of the key business moments is, of course, Halloween (or at least for some businesses).

Today we’re talking to Kyle Holmes who is the original owner and director of Black Nova Designs and Black Nova Technologies. Both companies focus on helping businesses and individuals with their technology and issues surrounding this.

What’s coming up for your business/organisation in Q4?

It’s the one-year anniversary of our ‘going green’ sustainability announcement. 12 months in, and I’m delighted to say it’s been a great success so far. We’ve helped raise awareness that there are sustainability issues around tech, we’ve moved all our servers to a data centre powered by green energy, and we’ve adopted 12 corals. If all businesses can help raise awareness of the sustainability issues facing their sector, we can hope to influence decision making both ways - in our customers and in leaders and government. To learn more about our Green commitment visit our website 

October represents several awareness months. Are there any that are relevant to you or your business?

I’ve never been formally diagnosed as having ADHD, but I think I may have it. I’ve always had issues with focusing and I struggle with coming up with lots of big ideas and then struggling to articulate them into plans and making them reality. I’ve been keeping a close eye on ADHD awareness month and picking up tips for how to manage it and listening to other people’s experience of it. I think in some ways it’s helped me dream big, but I’ve given myself a very hard time in the past about lack of focus and my busy brain! I do now see it as my super power, but it’s been a hard learning curve and one I push through each day.

Are you doing anything in October for charity or for a community or volunteer project?

We have nothing planned, but this is a good reminder to get something in the diary. I’ve done lots of fundraising in the past for MIND, the mental health charity, and I’d like to do more. 

Did you know October 10 was World Mental Health Day? How important is this subject in your business and in your life?

To me, mental health is the most important thing in business and everyday life after physical health. You can be the best at your job in the whole world, love your family deeply and have big dreams, but without good mental health you will struggle. I’ve learnt in the past how careful I need to be with my mental wellbeing so that negativity and anxiety don’t creep in. My wife Danielle and I recently did a mental health first aid course so together we can ensure Black Nova Designs offers an environment where staff can speak openly about their challenges and access help. 

Some ‘quirky’ moments this month are: 

  • *National Poetry Day – Oct 6
  • *World Handbag Day – Oct 10
  • *Do Something Nice Day – Oct 5
  • *Apple Day – Oct 21
  • *Pumpkin Day – Oct 26

If any of these resonate with you – tell us why?

My colleagues and my wife and co-owner of Black Nova Designs Danielle all know I really don’t like Apple computers. I’m a Windows man all day long… This ‘day of’ might be to do with fruit rather than computers, but it’s worth mentioning. I’ve even recorded a whole YouTube video all about why I find Apple products and Macs such a pain. If you feel strongly either way, make sure you take a look!

Clocks go back this month and we get an extra hour in bed. How do you see ‘time’ in your business?

I want to say that time is money! But in reality, at the moment, with two kids and a growing business it’s peace of mind and maybe a chance to rest too. An extra hour in the day to spend with the family relaxing together would be just the ticket. We may well all sleep an extra hour though!

Have you got any services or special offers you’d like to mention? 

We don’t have any special offers as such, but we have plenty of space for website hosting. 

You can move your website to us even if you already have a website! Our hosting service is available to anyone with a website, not just new BND web projects - we do not have to have built your website to host it.

Move your website to us and we can help increase the speed and performance of your website, offer secure hosting and ongoing support based here in the UK, and all our hosting is sourced with 100% renewable energy, so it is environmentally friendly as well as great performance,

We’re also affordable, friendly and oh-so helpful, so why not give us a call on 01793 210045

Website Hosting - Black Nova Designs

And finally, tell us one thing you love about the autumn/winter months? 

I love a good bracing walk on at least one of the weekend days, and it’s nice when the weather is a bit cooler for those! In contrast, I also love (as does the rest of the family) a cosy PJ day with a movie and snacks on the sofa. The autumn and winter mean those are even cosier than before, as sometimes a warm sunny summer day means you feel obliged to go outdoors and enjoy it. Not that we got that many of those this summer… 

Find out more about Kyle and the team at

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