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Black Nova Designs Raises Awareness of World Back Up Day

“Success comes to those who are smart, and smart are those who always take the backup of their data.”

At Black Nova Designs we strive to bring the best experience to our customers. When it comes to being present digitally and having devices which are important to business, it is essential that you have your data backed up!?
 World Backup Day raises awareness of the importance of backing up data as well as preparing against data loss. Data backup is critical for every individual and business, but only 24% of people and 36% of organizations complete backups regularly. Furthermore, 68% of organizations reported losing critical business data due to a lack of data backups. 

World Backup Day is a good reminder to keep sensitive and important information safe from increasing cyber threats, theft, hardware crashes, and accidents.

No matter how safe and reliable you think your computer systems are, there’s always a small chance of data going missing and being unable to restore it. Whether it be accidental loss or a cyber breach it is always essential that you backup your data.

We provide backup solutions for a variety of issues from personal photos and files to large business databases.?

Our simple Top Tips for today:

  • Keep More than one copy
  • Back up regularly
  • Use the Cloud as at least one secure solution 
  • Outsource your IT to a firm that provides secure back ups 
  • USB Sticks are not a reliable back up solution
  • Test your back up plan regularly

As a IT company we recommend a 3-2-1 back up solution, essentially making 3 copies of the same data locally, externally and in the cloud. 

Data backups come in many forms, including local network backups, offsite backups to the cloud, and physical storage backups. Depending on your organization or personal needs, you may benefit from using one or several of these options.
Contact us today to find out your best solution or for more information, 01793 210045 or email us at [email protected]

Black Nova Designs

Black Nova Designs

Black Nova Designs is a professional, affordable, I.T. company.

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