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TGt Meets...Kyle Holmes, Founder & Senior Director of Black Nova Designs

Meet our latest TGt Meet...Kyle Holmes, Founder & Senior Director of Black Nova Designs. We spoke about his role and what inspired him to create Black Nova Designs. Take a read below...

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Well, where do I start? I’m a bit of a geek, who loves fast cars, motorbikes and technology. I’m also an avid long-distance shooter. Long-distance scoped rifle shooting requires absolute precision and the ability to regulate breathing and movement whilst totally focusing on the target. It’s addictive, sometimes frustrating but rewarding when you get it right. A little bit like IT, perhaps!

Describe your job role at Black Nova Designs?

I am the original owner and founder of Black Nova Designs, and I am a Senior Director at the business. When we started out and found our feet, I’ve been at the centre of all the work, the oracle who everyone else turned to for direction!

Now, as we are successfully growing Black Nova Designs in terms of staff numbers, lead generation and workflows, the structure of the company has started to change - and that means my role has too. My job has been split between 4 new staff members (that might just give you an indication of how busy I have been…) and that frees me up to help customers with particularly tricky IT issues, help develop staff and study to develop my own skills and further my passions. I still aim to lead the team and the company to each success and encourage every single staff member to achieve what they didn’t believe they could do.

What inspired you to fulfil a career in this particular industry?

Failure, and I’m telling the truth, a tough failure led me down this path. My original dream was to be a pilot and I ended up not achieving that which was hard to come to terms with. However, I always had a lot of interest in technology, especially gadgets and future developments, and that provided a path forward. IT might have once had a reputation for being a little dull but the incredible advancements over the past 20 years have impacted all our lives. It has fundamentally transformed the way we shop, socialise, work, relax and communicate and I love being on the cutting edge of that. Helping people with small, medium and large businesses make the most of IT is really rewarding.

What 3 things do you love most about Black Nova Designs…

My team, freedom and learning.

What do you help bring to the team at Black Nova Designs?

I bring oversight, expertise, and a level head. My team possess such an amazing array of skills that I almost see myself as a conduit for them to thrive, making sure they know they have the freedom to bring all their talent to the table. My team bring the everything, I’m just here to give them the opportunity.

What 3 words would you use to describe Black Nova Designs…

Striving for perfection!

Find out more about Black Nova Designs HERE!

Black Nova Designs

Black Nova Designs

Black Nova Designs is a professional, affordable, I.T. company.

Redman Road, Porte Marsh Ind Est , Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9PL

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