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Our fourth Total Guide to Team Spotlight is all about our new digital marketing administrator Layla Foster.

What has been your experience working with Total Guide to so far?

The best, everyone has been so welcoming and friendly! This is my first Marketing role since graduating from my Media and Communications degree at the University of Surrey, which can be so daunting but the whole team has been very encouraging. Total Guide has a really great work culture and environment, it is very easy to settle in and feel like a real part of the team.

What does your average day look like?

My weeks at Total Guide so far have had a lot of variety! Each day requires different tasks to be done for different clients, allowing the role to stay fresh and engaging! I spend a lot of my days either posting events from our clients to the website or updating our guide pages that you can read to find all the best places to shop at and visit in your area!

I work mostly remote, which is very convenient for me and I am well used to from completing the majority of my degree remotely too. However, I never miss that connection and interaction that you get from onsite jobs as I often head into Poole’s The FOUNDRY and spend the day working from there with some other members of the team.

What is your biggest accomplishments at Total Guide to so far?

As a very new starter at Total Guide I just feel very happy and accomplished to be starting my career in Digital Marketing and look forward to progressing more at Total Guide!

Do you have any personal hobbies?

Myself and my friends spend a lot of our time going to different concerts and seeing live music. This is my favourite way to let loose and have fun. I made a lot of my long term friendships through bonding over our favourite musicians and bands so it’s a great activity for us to share together.

We would love to know, what is your favourite food?

Probably a really good burger or a piece of chocolate.

Where is your favourite place to visit in your local area?

I love to go for a walk through Bournemouth Gardens and then down through Bournemouth Beach! I am very lucky to live by the coast as I love the beach and the sea!

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