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TGt Meets…Rob Curtis of The Pursuit Agency

Featuring on our newest edition of TGt Meets, is Rob Curtis, founder of The Pursuit Agency. Read below to learn about the work he's done to create this innovative company.

1. What inspired you to start The Pursuit Agency, and how has the company evolved over time?

Having been in the digital marketing space for nearly 10 years now, I aspired to own an agency. I identified a need for SMES to have access to truly bespoke digital marketing strategies, then an agency to deliver on the tactics. Having only launched in July 2022, we are now a growing team prioritising the unique needs of our clients. It’s been incredible to have already worked with over 40 businesses in the past 18 months. A specific highlight was being awarded “The New Start-Up of the year award’ from the Great British Awards Business and Community earlier this year!

2. What is one of the biggest challenges you've faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

The challenge of making my first hire was monumental. It was essential to have the right processes, systems, and support in place. More crucially, I had to ensure I was prepared to be a robust and effective leader for my team.

3. What do you believe are the most important qualities for a successful marketer?

Curiosity, adaptability, and a genuine passion for understanding consumer behaviour are paramount. A successful marketer should also be data-driven and possess a creative flair to innovate and adapt in this dynamic industry.

4. How do you approach developing effective marketing strategies for your clients, and what factors do you consider when making recommendations?

Every strategy is rooted in a deep understanding of the client's business, objectives, and target audience. Comprehensive market research is conducted to truly grasp their clients' desires and needs. We identify market gaps compared to their competitors before formulating our strategies. Recommendations stem from data, industry best practices, and the unique attributes of the client's business.

5. In your opinion, what are some of the most effective marketing channels or tools for businesses today?

While it varies based on the target audience of each client, content marketing, search engine optimisation, and paid social advertising remain highly effective. Additionally, email marketing and other Paid Media techniques can offer significant ROI when executed correctly.

6. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies, and how do you incorporate these into your strategies?

Continuous learning is pivotal. I make it a point to attend conferences and workshops, focusing on my personal growth. I also allocate time each week to read, watch, and listen to industry leaders. We foster a culture of knowledge exchange within our team, ensuring we remain abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

7. What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the digital marketing industry?

Stay inquisitive and commit to lifelong learning. The digital world is in perpetual flux; today's effective strategies might be obsolete tomorrow. Ground yourself in the fundamentals but remain receptive to novel tools, strategies, and concepts. Above all, exercise patience and tenacity; success in this realm is more a marathon than a sprint.

To experience The Pursuit Agency first-hand, visit their website.

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