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September Talk with Ed Hollands from DrivenMedia

September is here. It's the month when autumn officially arrives - the autumn equinox is on September 22. What does this month hold for you and your business? What are you looking forward to for the rest of this year? What events are pending for you? What advice would you give to others? What are you grateful for in September?

Today we're talking to Ed Hollands who is the founder of DrivenMedia which is an on-truck advertising business enabling brands to advertise across the UK or local region on commercial trucks.

What’s coming up for your business in September? 

We’ve got a lots of exciting campaign launches in the works and at various stages of production.  We’re also doing something we’ve never done before which is bringing a campaign with various hauliers all through for a fleet photo shoot. 

What are your personal plans for this month? 

My wife has started a new job, so I’m adjusting my schedule so we can spend more time together as she’s now working later than I’m used to. (Luckily her day off falls on a typically slow day for me so I’m hoping to have a relaxed afternoon after sending off the tracking reports every week. 

September is also known as ‘organic’ month – do you shop, dress, or behave with green ethics in mind? 

As a business we always aim to be as green as possible. We're also working with our hauliers to go green with their vehicles, we have a number trialling natural gas cabs and all are running the most economical vehicles they can. 

World Gratitude Day takes place this month – what are you grateful for?

I'm grateful that my business has got through the pandemic, that I've been in a position to buy out my Dragon, Jenny Campbell, who invested in me three years ago - and I'll always be grateful for that amazing opportunity. I'm grateful that I'm now solely in charge of my business and its direction. 

Who are you grateful for at the moment? 

1. Seleena Creedon - who supports me & my social media

2. And my wife, Tara! - who supports me in everything. 

What are your hopes for business for the rest of this year? 

I'm hoping for lots of growth in all industries, rebounding back to normal. 

Also for brands to embrace looking for alternative mediums  to make their marketing budgets go further.

Have you got any special offers you'd like to mention? 

Following the news of our share buyback, we’re offering an extra month free to anyone who signs up in September (They can also win a free rear!) Get in touch via our website. 

And finally, as a bit of fun, September marks Teddy Bear Day? Do you have your childhood teddy bear – or are you a bit of a kid with ‘grown up’ teddy bears? 

Who doesn’t? I have a little bear called Alex!

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