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Jamie Martin from Correct Careers Coaching - Summer August Q&A 2021

It's August and the height of summer although the weather may not always reflect that. Often in business it can be a slower month as children are not at school, parents take time off and many people take a break. Will this year be as different as last year? Time will tell.

We've been talking to various business owners about their summer and autumn plans and today we're talking to Jamie Martin who is the founder of Correct Careers Coaching offering modern sales training and sales strategy. 

How is August looking in your business? 

Correct Careers Coaching has just celebrated its second anniversary and I'd like to thank to all my business friends and network who have supported CCC on this journey. I have enjoyed every minute!

What are your personal plans for this month?  

No travel plans for this month, but I recently went to Tenby in Wales, I would highly recommend – awesome beaches!

The Olympics – Tokyo 2020 – have finished though the Paralympics will be back? Have you seen anything which touched or inspired you?

I am inspired by the story of Ellie Simmonds OBE who was the youngest member of Team GB (aged 13), she won the Paralympic 100m freestyle and then breaking her own world record by seven seconds. At a young age, demonstrating a growth mindset and that goals are achievable again and again!

Did you know August 21 is World Entrepreneurs Day? What does this word mean to you and do you apply it to yourself?  

The word 'entrepreneur' means to me – someone who is ambitious, forward-thinking, and courageous. You need to be in the business world, identify opportunities gaps in the market, and willing to take risks!

I apply this to me by challenging myself, continuous development of skills and developing collaborations with business on a global scale.

Can you name one business you’d like to give a summer shout out to? 

Nickel Design's Mike Land. Mike is passionate about the creative services of marketing and design to help businesses develop a brand and graphics. Mike has been a great support to my business, and he goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service – I would highly recommend!

As we move further through the pandemic, how are you feeling about the future of business in general in August 2021? 

I am feeling positive about the future of business. New clients I am working with (SMEs) are seeking business growth and support within sales and marketing channels. 

Businesses are confident to invest again with a holistic view of business. As businesses grow and outsource services, it has a knock-on impact for the whole business market to thrive.

Have you got any events planned for the autumn you’d like to shout about – either that you are running or attending? 

I am working with The Business Kitchen to deliver a unique virtual LinkedIn workshop: Connection to Conversion.

Thursday 16th September at 9.30am (only limited spaces available for it).

At this workshop, you will experience:

  • A 10-step framework for engaging and converting new prospects – The Modern Sales Funnel 
  • What content to post for your target market – How, what, why, and when?
  • The little-known LinkedIn metric: SSI
  • Groups – which ones to join and how to engage with like-minded people 
  • Social media marketing and how to increase your post views (3,000+ approx.)
  • Utilising LinkedIn to research and build relationships prior to calls/meetings. 

As well as loads of LinkedIn advice, tips, and guides (including social media strategies) following attendance! 

Eventbrite link to register:

Have you got any services or special offers you’d like to mention? 

Yes, my ‘Sales Psychology’ sales training programme:

The first three businesses to undergo this training with me personally via zoom will receive a 50% discount. The cost after discount being £35.00.

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For more information visit

Correct Careers Coaching Swindon

Correct Careers Coaching

Correct Careers Coaching is passionate about employee retention, development, and inspiring career success.

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