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Meet Fiona Scott from Scott Media - Summer August Q&A 2021

August is here. It's the month of summer, holidays, the Olympics and the Paralympics. What will business and life look like for you this month?

Today we're talking to Fiona Scott of Scott Media. Fiona has run her business from Swindon for 13 years alongside being a working freelance journalist and video producer & director. She offers PR & media training and strategy as well as full video production and retained PR services. She particularly enjoys working with ethical and caring SME companies.

How is August looking in your business? 

It's looking busy even though we often refer to this month in the media as 'silly season'. With people on holiday across the board, it can mean the media are scratching around for stories. However with more people not going away this year, or staying in the UK, this year may be different. 

What are your personal plans for this month? 

This month is one of children being home from university and from school. Our oldest children work part-time so they are in and out. We'll also take some time off to go away in our touring caravan and then we do a little filming for our personal YouTube channel called Beyond That Blue Door. You can find it here

What do you think of the Olympics & Paralympics ie. #Tokyo2020? 

We love both of these tournaments, absolutely love them and we're not a particularly sporty family. This is one sporting event which we all love as a family and most evenings you will find us together watching highlight programmes and just enjoying the spectacular dedication of all of these elite athletes. A special shout out to Wiltshire's own Stephanie Millward MBE taking part in the Paralympics in the swimming events. Go Steph!!! 

August 21 is World Entrepreneurs Day? What does this word mean to you and do you apply it to yourself? 

it wasn't that long ago when I would never have considered 'entrepreneur' to be a word which applied to me. I never wanted to run my own business, it was far too risky. However life pushed this path upon me when I was made redundant and I've discovered something rather astonishing. I can actually run a small business. I am entrepreneurial. I do see opportunity and I do sometimes take it. I believe entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes - and it's not all about money or big profits. With the rise in CICs and social enterprises that's becoming evident. I'm proud to be part of the business community in Swindon which is hugely supportive and full of amazing, wonderful and challenging people. 

Can you name a business you’d like to give a summer shout out to? 

No. I want to shout about any business, of any size, which has survived this last 18 months and is still around. It's hard enough in business any way. I do reserve an extra loud 'well done' for those business owners who received little or no government support but still kept on keeping on. You are amazing. 

As we move further through the pandemic, how are you feeling about the future of business in general in August 2021? 

Hopeful, hopeful that many will survive, some will bounce back and some will thrive. The small business community is the backbone of the British economy and that will prove to be the case more than ever before. I call upon Governments and decision makers to support this sector far more and also to create better ways in which 'BIG BUSINESS' engages with the SME sector. 

And finally, August 16 is National Tell a Joke Day? Can you tell us a joke and raise a laugh? 

I'm hopeless at jokes. Terrible however I'll have a go:

Four fonts walk into a bar the barman says ”Oi – get out! We don’t want your type in here!"

For more information visit

Fiona Scott Media Consultancy Swindon

Scott Media

Scott Media is run by a UK-based journalist with more than 20 years' experience in the media - print, radio and television.

6 Gold View, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 8GZ

Fiona Scott Media Consultancy
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