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Samantha Jayne

Samantha Jayne of Samantha Jayne Ltd is looking forward to a brilliant quarter 4!

Happy Halloween! It’s the last day of October and today we’re talking to Samantha Jayne, of Samantha Jayne Ltd.

Samantha is a spiritual business coach based out of Uffcott, near Swindon and today she is sharing how October has been for her business!

What’s coming up for your business in Q4?
In November I am hosting my amazing Retreat weekend when I bring together a group of businesswomen together to connect, to heal and to power up their energy and their mindset to do amazing things for the next 12 months. I host one of these every year for the 11:11 energy. It's a perfect time to open up to new ways of moving forward in your business and your life. 

I am also hosting my monthly THINK TANK session which is a online business coaching session perfect for people who are just starting their businesses or are struggling with re-energizing their business. I coach around mindset and how to shift the blocks that are holding them back from moving forward. 

October and November represent several awareness months. Were any relevant to you or your business?
It's International Stress Awareness Day on the 2nd November and I will be gifting my clients a meditation to combat stress. Stress is such a killer, it kills our ability to enjoy life and even handle life and it often puts people into a sense of overwhelm that can push people into ending their life. This is something I have helped a lot of clients with this year, because of the times we are in, and so it matters to me. I never want anyone to end their life because of financial issues but it is happening. This is my way of reaching out to people who are struggling. I'm going to be sharing it in my group on Facebook.  Aligned, Abundant Empaths with Samantha Jayne | Facebook

Are you doing anything in October for charity or for a community or volunteer project?
In October for Halloween we are holding a Witches Gathering. A networking event here at my premises in Uffcott. All we are asking is that those attending place a donation in the pot for our local Hospice in Wroughton. This is an important cause for me as I spent time there earlier this year as my Dad ended his battle with cancer. The team were amazing in one of the most difficult, painful times of life and I could not have done it without them. 

Some ‘quirky’ moments this month are:
The 16th November is international day for tolerance and I will be prompting my clients to think about what they are tolerating in their lives. We can subconsciously tolerate a lot of things that are not good enough and this can bring us down. We all deserve better in this world, so on this day I will be encouraging people to face what they are tolerating that is actually making them deeply unhappy. 

Clocks go back this month, and we get an extra hour in bed. How do you see ‘time’ in your business?
Not enough of it! Ha Ha! I see time as our most valuable commodity. Not just in business but in our personal lives too. No matter how old we are or where we are at in this world, we only have so many hours of the day we can use. Therefore, I see how I spend my time as really important, after all, it is time you can never get back. I also choose wisely who I share my time with. I make sure I am filling my time with as many events, actions, and people that I enjoy as possible and encourage others to do the same. 

Have you got any services or special offers you’d like to mention?
As always we have a number of healing events. This month in addition to my healing bath which is always popular, we have the beautiful Sarah Nash hosting a Healing Sound Bath which is a lovely way to experience healing through the power of sound PLUS the gifted Anna Smith is hosting a WITHIN THE WOMB healing session for those who need to heal. 

I am also opening up just a few slots for people to enjoy a half day VIP session with me to get themselves ready to step forward into the new visions they have for their businesses and their lives. If you would love to grab one of those please click here:

And finally, tell us one thing you love about the autumn/winter months? 
I love how on my drive through Wroughton and up the hill to Uffcott, I see the landscape changing. The colours of the leaves, the trees, the fields it is all changing and I love that. I would have loved a lot more sunshine this year, I must admit, but  I do love the reminder of how the seasons change in Autumn. 


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