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Samantha Jayne

February Talk with Samantha Jayne

It's February and Valentine's Day has come and gone and it now appears we're in a period of extreme weather this week. Historically February is a month of ‘new beginnings’ and today we're talking to Samantha Jayne who is a business coach working with spiritually-minded business owners.

What do you love about running your own business? 

  • The freedom to run my own schedule
  • The freedom to only do what I love
  • My clients!

What do you love about your business community?
My business community is one that supports growth in others, that likes other people's success, not resents it.

What do you love about your business which has changed over the last year?
My work has progressed fully into coaching. Coaching around self love and the connection between self love and success and wealth. You cannot sustain one without the other and I am working more and more with clients who are recognising this.  Many are business owners and some are people who want to bring about positive change in their personal lives. 

What have been the main challenges you’ve had to overcome in the last year?
The uncertainty of another lockdown around Christmas really affected my business as clients were reluctant to commit to things that may not happen. 

Is it your birthday this month? 
Yes it is! On the 18th I will be turning 50!! No party planned, just a get together in bar or two in Old Town. I want to get back out into the community socialising and what better way.

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day – has anyone shown you, or your business, a random act of kindness over the last year? 
Yes, in fact it happens quite a bit to me. I have received an unexpected gift every day this week from clients.

In the yearly cycle of your business – what do you expect during February? 
This February, as always I am fully booked so in between the client work I am planning future events and masterminds to hold through the next three months.

Have you got any special offers you’d like to mention?
On the 24th March I have my Activate Abundance Mastermind where I take my business owner clients on a process of looking at the energy and emotion around their business. 

We identify the block, the fear that is holding them back right now and we get rid of it! I love hosting these as they create such a powerful opportunity to move forward stronger in business.

And finally:
February is  a powerful month energetically, astrologically, when it comes to love. This week is the most powerful one this year for connecting with the love of your life. Your soul mate. Your person. 

When it comes to business know that this is also a powerful week for connecting with those soul mate clients. Your ideal client. 

So go for that contract with a company you have wanted to work with for a long time.


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