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Samantha Jayne

Samantha Jayne shares her tips to start the year strong in business

Samantha Jayne, of Samantha Jayne Ltd, is a spiritual business coach based out of Uffcott, near Swindon and she is sharing her tips to start 2023 strong in business.

2022 has been quite a journey for business owners as they walked through many events perfectly created to release and let go of what was holding them back. For some, this could be business colleagues, suppliers, clients, contracts, their own beliefs, fears, and all sorts of experiences because of the desire to be authentic in business and doing business in a way that matches our morals and beliefs was important.

All of this work was crucial for doing business in 2023.

Start this year with a huge clear out. Get rid of outdated information, ideas, and images. Clear out that desk drawer full of bits and make space for creative energy to flow into.

2023 has a different vibe, now we are all being called to go within and step forward powerfully, in business, whilst being our authentic selves. There is to be a lot of business growth in 2023 and this begins straight away in January.

This is a month that is encouraging us to be creative. Ideas should be flowing with lots of short-term projects wanting our attention.

The first week is a great week to be working on something that you love, to start something new within your business.

January is a month for knowing what we want to create in 2023 and focusing on the steps we need to take. What actions will align you to your vision in the easiest and fastest way possible?

That said, know that patience is key to passionately working on the aspects of the business that you wish to develop now. Letting go of the aspects you knew in December needed to go and putting things into the past is all part of the Mercury Retrograde energy that we will be in as the month begins.

When we get to the 18th, Mercury will turn direct, this means that things can start to move forward again in your business. You can now action those things that you began the month creating and envisioning for January and 2023.

Step forward authentically as you, doing the business you choose to do and get out of your comfort zone to do it.

Know that during this month, those small changes will add up to bring in a big change in your business soon. Be open to doing things in a way that is not conforming to old ways of thinking and being and opportunities will open up for you 


For more information on how Samantha Jayne can help you in your business visit

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