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Samantha Jayne

Samantha Jayne of Samantha Jayne Ltd is sharing what is happening in her world in June

It’s June already and we’re halfway through the year. It’s also officially the first month of Summer, even if the weather has changed again! This month we’re talking to small business owners about what’s happening in their business.

Today we’re talking to Samantha Jayne about what is happening in her world in June. Samantha Jayne is a Spiritual Business Coach of Samantha Jayne Ltd who is shifting the mindset blocks of spiritually minded business owners who want to make a difference in the world.

JUNE is the first month of Summer, what will you be doing this summer in your business?
On the 9th June, I will be starting my mastermind programme where local business owners come together to create more success in their businesses over the twelve months. I feel this is great timing to step forward in business after the Easter break in April and all the bank holidays it will be good to get back fully into business.

June 1 to 7 this year is Volunteers Week. Do you volunteer at all?
I am currently fundraising for the local Hospice in Wroughton. My Dad spent the last five days of his life in the hospice this April and the team were fantastic. I could not have done it without them. They went the extra mile and now we are too. In March next year we will be trekking across Iceland raising money. Any donations are really appreciated, thank you.

Are there any key themes in your sector which are relevant to summer?
In my business sector, we now see the beautiful energy of the Summer Solstice coming in on the 21st June. The Summer Solstice offers a unique opportunity to tap into the vibrant energy that surrounds us. It is a time when we are called to be fully present in our businesses, connecting deeply with our true selves—the core of our businesses and their purpose. Just as the Sun illuminates all life and consciousness, it urges us to embrace our own brilliance and shine.

The Summer Solstice invites you to embrace renewal and abundance, infusing your business with love and expansion. Allow your business to flourish and receive inspiration and guidance from the universe. Your intuition.

Remember to be grateful for any growth you have experienced in your business. Embrace the warmth and vitality of the summer season as it fuels the fires of transformation within your entrepreneurial endeavours. Recognise the blessings and opportunities that are available to you, for the universe is supportive of your entrepreneurial journey and wants to illuminate your path to success.

This is a season of growth. Anything is possible. Embrace the endless possibilities and let your vision shine bright to make an impact in your industry. Embrace any opportunities for expansion.


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