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My Strategy For Surviving Coronavirus

By Gareth Lock, Director/Owner, The Human Diver, who developed and launched the Human Factors Skills in Diving high performance development programmes to improve the knowledge, skills and safety of all divers in 2016. These consist of an online programme suitable for all divers and a classroom-based class aimed at instructors, instructor trainers and those undertaking higher risk diving such as technical divers and cave divers He lives in Wiltshire and works globally.

When did you realise the Coronavirus could be a problem for you and your business? 

When operating in the US at the start of March when I was delivering training. I knew that there could be an issue, but hadn’t realised the enormity of the closedown across the globe. I managed to curtail my training in the US and got home as soon as possible. I then started to work out what training I could deliver via remote learning.   

What has been your plan to continue? 

I have set up a number of free webinars to allow content delivery and marketing to continue. I then brought forward a plan to deliver a ten-week programme for up to 50 divers across the globe to improve their non-technical skills (situational awareness, decision-making, communications, teamwork, leadership/followership and Just Culture). 

Once this ends at the end of May, I will likely run another session. I am hoping by the end of May, we will have a better idea of what face-to-face delivery looks like as most of my training and consultancy is experiential in nature so you don’t get the same feeling (nor can you deliver the same tools) when operating online. 

What advice would you give to others in business? 

Believe in yourself and the outcomes you are delivering. I am fortunate to operate in a very niche market, I am the only company globally that delivers this training. Others could and I hope they will over time. By having a passion for this, it makes it easier to remain motivated and creative. 

I have had a very diverse professional development, so thinking differently isn’t too difficult. I’d recommend reading two books: Infinite Game by Simon Sinek and Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed. They will both influence how you look at the future – I believed in what they wrote before I read them but couldn’t articulate it as clearly as they have.

What can we do to help each other?

Share ideas, posts, webinars, information. The world is a huge opportunity. Reputation is based on long-term investment of social media, PR and marketing. If you help people when they are down, the good ones, and those you want to work with in the future, will remember you. That might take a number of months/years, remember to play the Infinite Game!

Your parting thought?

Life is tough. You create the feelings inside of you. Do something about the things you can control and influence. Don’t get overpowered by the scale of the problems you cannot change. Do one small thing every day. 

At the end of the week look back and reflect on the positives and what you can do to make them even better for the week coming.

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