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My Strategy For Surviving Coronavirus

By Hannah Edwards, Virtual Assistant, Empowered VA Services. I provide administration and social media support for small businesses who have got to the point where they can't get to the next stage of their business without assistance.

When did you realise the Coronavirus could be a problem for you and your business? 

I started thinking that it could be a problem before the country went into lockdown. It was at the beginning when social distancing was starting and I realised that this could start affecting my ability to go and meet with my clients. I started to make plans for what could happen and how I would work with my clients just before it became so serious.

What has been your plan to continue? 

I've spoken to my clients and we're all in regular contact to ensure that we're working the best for each other. I've created some special offers and ran a free social media challenge to get my name out there a bit more. Even in this difficult time my business can be of assistance to people. I'm fortunate my clients do trust me and most have stayed by my side. 

What advice would you give to others in business? 

Keep in regular contact with your clients. Have a plan but be prepared to adapt it if needed. This isn't a time that we can have full control over what will happen because none of us know what will happen. 

Control what you can and go with safety the rest of the time. 

What can we do to help each other?

Keep in contact with your clients and connections. Don't judge anyone who is still selling their service. We're all running businesses and now more than ever we need each other's support. Make plans for the future but understand that things can change in an instant and those plans may need to change. 

What do you think can be learned from this in the business world?

Relationships are at the heart of any business association that's worth having. Stick to those who listen, who value and who stick with you even if you have to take less money, or even no money at this time . Let the rest go. They may not survive this and they are probably no longer a customer you will miss. 

Your parting thought?

Don't panic. We're all in the same boat and none of us were prepared for any of this to happen. This won't last forever, it's tough right now but we'll get through it.

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