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My Strategy For Surviving Coronavirus

By Andy Edwards, founder of The Event House established in June 2019 offering event consultancy services including full project and management, as well as expertise on team building, entertainment, theming and production needs.

When did you realise the Coronavirus could be a problem for you and your business? 

Shortly after the turn of the year when it originated in China. We had an event on the Great Wall of China and this was unfortunately the first event to cancel due to a potential lack of sales. It then escalated. 

What has been your plan to continue? 

Continue to offer support for customers for their future events. Continue to market the brand so when the virus has finally shifted customer remember us. Also to offer guidance and support to fellow industry peers where possible.

What advice would you give to others in business? 

Keep your head up, stay as positive as possible and believe that this will eventually pass, and you will be stronger than ever. Find ways to keep busy even if it isn’t your normal business to keep the mind active! 

What can we do to help each other?

Be flexible. Whilst cancellations and postponements are tough, especially being an independent where cash flow is everything, it will benefit you to show empathy and the flexibility to negotiate or if really necessary not to charge customers. Also offer recommendations and not stepping on each other’s toes is the moral thing to do - try not to be competitive or selfish but offer advice & solutions.  

What do you think can be learned from this in the business world?

In this instance there is not a great deal you can do to protect yourself. However, you learn from these life incidents and it’s important to learn new skills and think outside the box for if and when it happens again.  

Your parting thought?

In times like these, remember what is important in life. Pulling together as a society and helping each other in periods of need sticks with people. Take up a new hobby and try making the most of a very bad situation. 

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