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Caroline Peyton

Caroline Peyton, of Peyton Principles, has had a busy March in her business!

It’s March! The first month of Spring and the month the clocks go forward this month so it will be lighter nights and less time asleep! It was also the Budget this month! What does the world of business look like this week?

Today we’re talking to Caroline Peyton of Peyton Principles, a nutritionist, naturopath, and gut health expert helping those who suffer with unresolved digestive and gut symptoms to finally find relief. She also provides workshops to employers to help fuel a high-performance culture. Caroline is Swindon and Cotswolds based but also works online globally.

How was March for you in your business?
People think that, as a nutritionist, January is my peak month, but many people undertake their own wellness regimes at the start of the year, but by March realise they can’t achieve their goals on their own!  I have 5 new clients in the past 10 days alone.

I have just launched my Luxury Summer Naturopathic Retreat Day (22nd May) at the fabulous Cotswold Park Barns which will be for both men and women this time. I have been planning the day and collaborating with wellness brands who provide wonderful items for my goody bags. This will be a glorious day for men and women to come together to recharge the mind and rejuvenate the body for the year ahead, ending the day with a crystal bowl sound bath.

Are you taking part in any wider events or business collaborations this month?
It was International Women’s Day on 8th March and I supported a local Swindon event that was raising money for Swindon Domestic Abuse. I had a stand and spoke on how to fuel yourself to maximise your performance - in business and in life!

The Budget took place on March 6 – if relevant what did you think of it?
The increase in capital gains tax has not been helpful for my small business. We have so many additional taxes that make it quite prohibitive to run a small business. I’d like to see the Government give a greater focus on supporting small businesses as the last few years have been challenging.

This month it’s International Women’s Day, St David’s Day, National No Smoking Day – is there an awareness day or week this month which is important to you or your business?
In addition to IWD, I’d like to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer Month. I notice in my business that men are most definitely taking greater care of their health, but we still have a long way to go. I shall be blogging and doing lives around this subject. 1 in 8 men will develop prostate cancer and there is so much that men can do to nutritionally support their body to help keep it healthy and strong.

Would you like to share your thoughts about your mother, a mother figure in your life or your life with a mother or as a mother?
My Mother (90 in May) has been hugely influential in my life. She held a senior position in a corporate company when she had 2 small children- unheard of back then. She has always encouraged me to work hard and have self-belief in what I do. She is a fit and healthy woman- but I like to think I have influenced this in some way!

In the yearly cycle of your business – what do you expect during March?
Busy, busy, busy! Companies are planning budgets for the next financial year so it’s a great time to ensure health and nutrition is built into the cost base. I have many new clients and I am running an online detoxification programme for those who wish to engage with me in a low-cost way. Contact me for further details.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Spring is the perfect time to commence a health kick- never January! Don’t ignore any health concerns and niggles. Take action now, you won’t regret it.


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