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Caroline and Rolo

Caroline Peyton of Peyton Principles shares her tips for August and the exciting events she has coming up!

August is upon us – it’s the month of holidays, summer fun and time off for many people. So how are small business owners coping with the month often known as ‘silly season’?

Today we’re talking to Caroline Peyton of Peyton Principles, a nutritionist, naturopath, and gut health expert helping those who suffer with unresolved digestive and gut symptoms to finally find relief. She also provides workshops to employers to help fuel a high-performance culture. Caroline is Swindon and Cotswolds based but also work online globally.

How is August looking in your business?
I seem to be busier than ever! Traditionally August is seen as a quieter month as so many people take time off, but with the growing awareness to take responsibility for your health I shall be seeing many new clients this month

What are your personal plans for this month? 
I took my main holidays earlier in the Summer so whilst I want to try and enjoy what Summer weather we may have(!), I shall be busy on my business. However, I shall be eventing with my horse Rolo. Nothing serious, just for fun.

What advice/tips would you give to small business owners trying to navigate the ‘holiday’ period? 
Just do what you can. As it’s light maybe start the day earlier but at the end of the day so many people are taking time out so try not to overly stress about it.

August 20 is World Photo Day. Can you share a photo as an attachment which means something to you this year so far?
This photo featured in a double page spread in Feel Good You magazine this month, part of Woman and Home. It was a feature about women and exercise with their pets. It gave me the opportunity to indirectly promote my business- great PR. Thanks to Fiona Scott and Neil Moore Photography.

Did you know August 21 is World Entrepreneurs Day? What does this word mean to you and do you apply it to yourself?
I’ve come to realise that I am an entrepreneur. I am always looking to develop my business and create new service offerings. I read that an entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that enable people to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks and succeed in a variety of settings. I like to think that is me.

Can you name one business you’d like to give a summer shout out too? 
I started using Daniel Latto for some of my marketing needs at the start of the pandemic in order to provide more focus on my business at a difficult time. It has taken the stress and pressure off me doing the stuff I don’t like! Graeme McKee has been brilliant, always responsive.

We are in a cost of living crisis at the moment? Is that impacting you at all in life or business? Do you have any money-saving tips you can share?
I always offer payment plans for my services that can be spread over several months so that it is easier to budget; and I’m finding that most clients wish to pay this way whereas previously more clients would pay in full up front.

Nutrition money saving tip: Buy local, seasonal fruit and vegetables at your local Farmer’s Market. Not only should they be fresher, but they have great offers when there is a glut in Summer produce.

Have you got any events planned for the autumn you’d like to shout about?
These are similar but for different markets. Due to the success of my Ladies Luxury Retreat days in the Cotswolds, I have just launched Corporate Luxury Naturopathic Nutrition Retreats- a fantastic (and I think unique) way to bring teams and wellbeing together. Full information and contact details can be found on my website:

And my next Ladies Retreat will be focused on my specialist subject of my Digestive Gut Health on Wednesday 11th October. The early bird price is just £129 for an amazing and informative day:


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