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Caroline Peyton

November Talk with Caroline Peyton of Peyton Principles

It’s the end of November and small businesses are preparing for the end of the year. Today we’re talking to Caroline Peyton of Peyton Principles, a nutritionist, naturopath, and gut health expert helping those who suffer with unresolved digestive and gut symptoms to finally find relief. She also provides workshops to employers to help fuel a high-performance culture. Caroline is Swindon and Cotswolds based but also work online globally.

What’s your business highlight for November 2022?
The news that someone I supported through fertility difficulties late last year gave birth to her baby last month. How wonderful is that! I help many people with health concerns beyond just those related to digestive gut problems.

And what about a personal highlight this last month?
My personal highlight was attending my daughter’s graduation. That’s both of my daughters now graduated from university and of course I had my proud Mum moment!

This was the month for Bonfire Night & Diwali – do either of those hold meaning or memory for you?
Bonfire Night has always held fond memories for me as a child. My birthday is 6th November, so it felt like the start of my birthday going out on Bonfire Night and I always had sparklers at my parties!

November represents Movember – Men’s Health Awareness Month. What, if anything does this mean to you?
I’m very conscious that traditionally men have not always put their health first, but I’m pleased to say that men now make up a significant percentage of my clients- over one third in 2022 from across all age ranges. There has definitely been a positive change in outlook in recent years.

Are you doing anything in November for charity or for a community or volunteer project?
I have just completed my second Health and wellbeing Auction for Cirencester based The Churn Project. This 21-year-old charity helps isolated and vulnerable people in the community. This year I’m thrilled to say that I succeeded last year’s £400 total raising £527!

Has the recent turmoil in the economy, government or the cost of living crisis affected your business? Or your personal life in any way that you are happy to share?
I try to keep a positive outlook and look at new opportunities. I have restructured some of my payment plans for my programmes to enable client to pay over longer instalments and I have introduced a £99 digestive gut health review for those who would like an introduction how to take better care of their gut health. They are provided with simple personalised steps they can take to help relieve symptoms for themselves.

What’s your top tip for being positive in the midst of a lot of negativity?
Avoid watching too much news and certainly do not end your day watching the late news before bed. Keep a journal and record positive thoughts and actions from your day. It can be a simple as seeing a beautiful sunset.

It’s also Black Friday on November 26 which is now quite mainstream – do you participate in this within your business?
I do participate in Black Friday. This year I am offering my Digestive Gut Health Review for just £79 until 30th November.

Are there any awareness days or special weeks in November which are relevant to your business/organisation or sector?
14th November wass World Diabetes Day. Critical fact: 9% of the global total spend on healthcare is directed towards treating diabetes and 90% of those have Type 2 which is completely reversible with lifestyle and nutrition measures.

And finally, is there anything else you’d like to say?
When the clocks change there is a tendency to think eating less salad equates to less healthy foods. Naturopaths say to eat with the seasons. Our food is still nourishing and nutritious when we eat casseroles, stews, and soups- just keep up the vegetable intake!


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