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Claire Brewerton

March reflections with Claire Brewerton of The Virtual Business Centre

We’re in March and Spring has finally arrived. This month we’re catching up with small business owners to see how things look for them this month.

Up today is Claire Brewerton who is the co-founder of The Virtual Business Centre based in Brinkworth and provides outsourced services to many business owners including telephone answering, call management, diary management and much more. Today, Claire is reflecting on what March means for her both personally and as a business owner.

Personally, March is a month in which I start to look at what I need from the weeks ahead. I am committed to finding joy and balance in my life and so I look forward to plans for my family and to spending time with them in the upcoming months. It’s important to remember that we all need the sense of renewal and positivity that Spring brings.

For the business, March is a great time of year. We have put the cold, short days mostly behind us and we are seeing the first green shoots of Spring.  March is a month of change, and we often have new clients starting this time of year as their own businesses grow and they look for support and help with that growth. We also use this time to finalise our own ongoing business plans, bringing our team together to identify needs within the business that we can address and learn from, whether that be identifying any training needs internally, speaking to clients to ensure they are completely happy with every aspect of our dealings with them or looking internally at the wellbeing of our staff, which is of huge importance to us.

I’m going to end with a quote I love from Alice in Wonderland:

“But that’s the point. If you don’t think, you shouldn’t talk” The March Hare

This is so relevant to us here at The Virtual Business Centre where we have an amazing team who are just as good at thinking as they are at talking.  Listening and thinking when on the phone is just as important as responding and it’s why we have such long-term and committed customers. We make absolutely sure we understand every client and their customers in-depth. Whether we are answering calls from some of the huge household names on our client list or for our local Estate Agent, we give them all the same respect, focus and consideration.

It’s what makes us unique. 

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