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Claire Brewerton's 2021 Summer Business Plans

Today we're talking to Claire Brewerton, co-founder of The Virtual Business Centre which offers telephone answering and reception services, telemarketing and other remote services for ambitious owner of small businesses. The business is more than 21 years old and is based in Brinkworth.

May is the last month of Spring – how has Spring been for you so far? 

It definitely feels optimistic, we are making plans to bring our staff back into the offices on a phased return and we can’t wait to see everyone , we have recently undertaken additional recruitment to grow the team so it will be great to get everybody back together.

What are your plans for the Summer – for your business and for you? 

To take stock of where we are with the business, to continue our plans to get the Virtual family back together in the office and maybe try and organise a social event when we can. On a personal level I am desperately hoping we can get a family holiday booked.

What are you most looking forward this summer which you had to step away from last summer? 

It would be great to try and get everyone at work together socially, it has been over a year since some of them have seen each other face to face, although we talk on the telephone every day. Personally it will be a long summer as two of our children will have completed GCSE and A levels so we will need to keep them occupied. 

Last Summer was spent operationally managing a team working some weeks from home and some weeks from the office – this Summer I hope everyone will be back together. 

May is National Walking Month, and walking was an activity which was one thing we could do over the last 12 months.  

I actually brought a walking treadmill last year, as I find I spent too much time sat at my desk – but as soon as I brought it home the children started using it – which was great during lock down but we as a family are trying to find the time to get a bit more fresh air and walking. 

Where is your favourite place to walk? 

From my business to home and back! I am so fortunate to have just a few yards between both!

Can you name one day in May which is important for you in your business or in your personal life? Why is that date important?

I am so looking forward to a hair cut which is booked in for this month!

What’s your one top business tip to help others be positive about their business in May 2021?  

Accept and adapt to what you cannot change, although COVID19 has been a terrible tragedy it has taught me how resilient I am as a person and how resilient my business is. We have a lot to look forward to.

Tell us all one funny thing about you which we won’t know and you are happy to share (make us laugh) …

I thought the 2 kittens we got during lockdown were both girls – only to discover Syd is a boy and we now have a very fat and pregnant female cat!

And finally:

The last year has been difficult, undoubtedly, but there’s always something to be positive about. Make time to stop every now and then and acknowledge how much we have all achieved and how far we have come.

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