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Our final Total Guide to Team Spotlight is all about our Digital Marketing Executive and Account Manager Phoebe Hooper.

What has been your experience working with Total Guide to so far? 
I've been a part of Total Guide to since November 2018, initially joining as an apprentice and eventually progressing to the roles of Digital Marketing Executive and Account Manager. The close-knit nature of our team is something I deeply appreciate, and my journey with Total Guide to has been consistently outstanding. Throughout this time, I've not only developed a strong sense of confidence but have also acquired a wealth of knowledge within digital marketing.
What does your average week look like? 
My role encompasses a variety of responsibilities, including:
  • Defining the team's task list for upcoming campaigns.
  • Overseeing the growth and development of our digital marketing apprentice, Ellie.
  • Conducting Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for both Total and various campaigns.
  • Orchestrating campaigns by crafting profile listings, integrating artwork, and incorporating them into guides and website content.
  • Managing interactions with influencers and bloggers within the Bath and Bristol areas.
  • Nurturing client relationships by soliciting and integrating content on their behalf.
  • Collaborating with our website designer/creator to enhance site design and functionality.

This dynamic blend of tasks keeps my role engaging and diverse, ensuring that each day holds something new and exciting.

What is your biggest accomplishments at Total Guide to so far?  
My most significant achievement during my time at TGt so far has been the successful completion of my Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. Over the course of two years, I pursued my apprenticeship with Green Labyrinth, and I am proud to have earned a distinction for my efforts.
Do you have any personal hobbies? 
I enjoy several hobbies, one of which is being a fan of Arsenal Football Club. I hold a membership and frequently attend matches at the Emirates Stadium. My partner's longstanding support for Arsenal ignited my own interest in the club.
In addition, I possess an interest in makeup. As a certified beauty therapist, I underwent formal training in beauty therapy at New College. 
We would love to know, what is your favourite food? 
While I have an appreciation for a wide variety of foods and cuisines, my ultimate favourites undoubtedly include steak and beef burgers. Whenever I dine out, my go-to choices are consistently a delicious steak or a cheeseburger.
Where is your favourite place to visit in your local area?  
The place I love the most that is near my location is Old Town in Swindon. This charming area is not only where I spent my formative years attending nursery, primary school, and secondary school, but it also exudes a strong sense of nostalgia. Old Town boasts a diverse selection of restaurants and bars, with Los Gatos, a Spanish Tapas restaurant, being my personal favourite.
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