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Another Great Year For The Swindon Paint Festival

Swindon Paint Fest returned to the streets of Swindon once again this year, the festival took place over the first weekend of September.

Following the success of the first festival in 2022 this year's festival which took place on 2nd and 3rd of September aimed to be bigger and better than ever with hundreds of people coming to the festival over the weekend and enjoying all the amazing artwork in the sunshine. 

This year the festival brought over 50 talented artists and six headline artists with some of the artists travelling from as far as the US and Spain. With two of the headliners, Curtis Hylton and Medianeras having just completed their murals on Victoria Hill and Fleming Way. 

Although the festival has ended, the artists’ work can still be enjoyed and their work has transformed many areas of Swindon. There's the mural trail that will take you to a variety of locations around Swindon to see the eye-catching and thought-provoking artworks. Head over to Swindon Paint Fests website or their socials for a map and the precise locations of all the artwork from this year and last year.

Overall the festival was an outstanding success and brought more colour and life into Swindon Town Centre, providing artworks that can be enjoyed for years to come. We can’t wait to see what happens next year and for Swindon’s street art scene to continue to grow.

Caryn Koh, Organiser and Co-Founder of Swindon Paint Fest said:

"Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors notably InSwindon BID, Artsite, Powered Access Solutions, Brewers Paint, and Rudis Bar for their beliefs in our vision. Thank you to the local businesses, the council and the community who've donated or helped in their own way in supporting us making the festival possible. Thank you as well to each and every artist who’s been a part of the festival.’

'The buzz on the weekend for all things art could be felt; from the live painting at various venues; live painting, exhibitions, deejays, workshops and performances at Artsite the main venue, exhibitions held at Mamsgallery and Oink Gallery, and the art market at Swindon Hub. The mind-blowing murals created by these talented artists have been so well received, they are making a change across the town centre effectively and creating waves in the global street art world, putting Swindon on the map! We are ever so grateful."

Steve E. of a local resident commented on Medianeras recent mural done at Fleming Way:

"I drove past yesterday and had to turn around at the magic roundabout a few times to drive past. Amazing piece! The SPF girls have done a great thing bringing such amazing artists to this grey town.’

'One of the highlights of the weekend as well was bringing Ken White down to meet Andrew Burns Colwill as he painted his mural at Morley Street. Ken White is one of Swindon's original muralists back when Swindon was the mural’s capital of the UK, with Ken’s 1976 Golden Lion Bridge mural being one of only a couple still around from when Swindon had over 40 murals in the 1980’s. With both Ken White and Andrew Burns Colwill being classical painters, to see them engaging with each other and also both paint on the same mural was a truly unforgettable moment."

Artist Paul Exton, commented on Andrew Burns Colwill and Ken White meeting: 

"That is just touching to see these great artists meeting up. To see Ken once again painting outside. Thanks to the paint fest organisers for bringing about an awakening of murals and street art into Swindon Town."

Swindon Hub said:

"The masterpiece, 'Blindfolded' by Andrew Burns Colwill for this year's Swindon Paint Fest 2023 is complete. What a truly special day it was to watch such skill, not to mention talent at work adding the finishing touches and then having local legend; original Swindon muralist Ken White came along and joined in the fun for a while, just topped it off!'

'Two incredible and skilled artists meeting in person at last, both who have gifted Swindon Town with their art. It was a day of new connections, reconnections and community - which is what it's all about really! Go check it out in person on Morley Street on the side of Crystal Spirit Shop Swindon. The message is clear and simple, and the skill conveying that is truly moving.

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