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Dave Southby

Dave Southby of Dave Southby Financial Planning has an exciting October coming up!

OCTOBER is here! It’s Q4 and one of the key business moments is, of course, Halloween (or at least for some businesses).

Today we’re talking to Dave Southby who is Principal of Dave Southby Financial Planning LTD and is based in Swindon. They help clients through a friendly, down-to-earth approach and provide long term peace of mind based on your specific needs and budget.

What’s coming up for your business  in Q4? 
We have just celebrated our second anniversary! It's been 24 months of hard work, persistence & living outside my comfort zone but I wouldn’t change it for the world! In December, Neil will have been with the business for 6 months – I don’t know where the time has gone! We also have some exciting announcements around our new 2024 charity partners coming up this quarter.

Are you doing anything in October for charity or for a community or volunteer project?
On the 27th of October we will be hosting our 4th and final free financial drop in service of 2024. This is being held at the Ellendune Centre in Wroughton between 9am and 1pm.

The idea of these sessions is to help and support local residents with any questions they may have about their finances, pensions or estate planning.

It's completely free so please pop along if you do have any questions. 

Did you know October 10 is World Mental Health Day? How important is this subject in your business and in your life?
World Mental Health Day is incredibly important, especially with the current cost of living crisis. I think the awareness of mental health is helping more people, particularly men, open up and talk more. Throughout our lives we may experience periods of difficulty and often we are not alone in the feelings or emotions that come up as a result. By sharing and being open, we can help others feel less alone. I personally have experienced anxiety and stress so I know how tough it can be. 

Mental Health and Financial Wellbeing are very closely linked. Finances can cause a lot of stress and anxiety which affects everyone & anyone. One of the reasons I wanted to change careers was to help people make their financial world easier to navigate & understand. It’s easy to lose track, so I want to encourage people to talk because there is support and help available.  

The clocks go back this month and we get an extra hour in bed. How do you see ‘time’ in your business?
I don’t know where the time has gone this year! I won’t be having an extra hour in bed though because the 29th of October is National Pension Tracing Day, raising awareness about the amount of unclaimed pension pots in the UK and the importance of knowing where they are. It has been estimated that there are over £26 billion unclaimed pension pots in the UK. If anyone is wondering what to do with their extra hour, this might be a worthwhile activity! 


To find out more about Dave visit

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