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Swindon Consultants, Andrew Hatcher, offers strategies and action for sustainable business growth and development with a holistic and socially aware approach.

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Andrew specialises in providing MD’s or Business Owners fresh perspective in how to grow or develop their business. It's hard at the top of any organisation, sometimes even lonely, and perspective can easily be lost. Sometimes businesses either grow too fast without the proper procedures, checks or balances put in place. On the flipside, some businesses stagnate without a clear business strategy and it can become hard to see the ‘wood through the trees’.

Andrew with his wealth of knowledge and experience can help you take control of your business, manage your risk, control or reduce your costs and help you to grow your business in a sustainable way. This is done via the business development programme where Andrew engages with your operation from the shop floor (if you have one) right through to the boardroom.

The programme can be implemented over weeks or months to suit your budget and cashflow. What is most important is that there is a clear strategy and plan to follow. Andrew will personally implement positive change and call upon experts in certain areas if necessary. The programme can sometimes be partially grant funded and Andrew will look to access all grants, incentives and initiatives that are available.

If you are thinking of growing or transforming your business, or feel that your business is running you, then it may be the time to call Andrew for a Free Business Health-check. There is no obligation once the health-check is carried out on your part and business advice is offered free of charge.

Andrew is keen to share his knowledge and help you to grow and transform your business delivering real Operational Excellence. Andrew is a friendly dynamic professional who can deliver strategic direction and be a catalyst to empower positive business growth and development.

To ignite the spark for positive change call Andrew on 01793 852572 or email [email protected]

Swindon Consultants
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