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Here at Swindon Consultants we help business owners realise their ambitions turning their passions into a business through coaching and mentoring. We know the unique challenges small business owners face, especially if they’re working alone and operating with very little funding and non-existent internal support.

It’s important that entrepreneurs find the right advisor to meet their own needs. In the early days small businesses often need more intensive, ongoing help as they make crucial decisions that affect the direction of their businesses, especially if they’re new to starting and growing a business. Part of our service is to cater for rapidly changing client needs, providing “just-in-time” support.

We understand the unique dynamics of the business mix and the building blocks that make up your unique business. From personal experience of what small business owners are going through, we show great and real empathy that translates to a great advisor-entrepreneur partnership. We have plenty of tools in our business toolbox to aid you too!

Having worked in a “hands-on” role running various divisions within a large organisation, managing the company as a whole and having implemented and overseen dozens of projects and HR life-cycles; I have seen all the ins and outs of business management, business development, production, sales, finance, IT, HR and accounting to name but a few.

Ultimately, our mission at Swindon Consultants is to ensure the small business owner gets the skills necessary to thrive when it is time to move on. Acting as your coach or mentor is part advisor and part counsellor communicating in a timely and efficient manner, challenging your strategic plans, help with implementation and accountability. We provide a holistic approach to all the elements of the business mix which includes you too.

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Swindon Consultants

Swindon Consultants

Swindon Consultants, Andrew Hatcher, offers strategies and action for sustainable business growth and development with a holistic and socially aware approach.

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