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Rob Curtis

Rob Curtis of The Pursuit Agency has an exciting August coming up!

August is upon us – it’s the month of holidays, summer fun and time off for many people. So how are small business owners coping with the month often known as ‘silly season’?

Today, Rob Curtis, founder of the Pursuit Agency is telling us what’s coming up for him. The Pursuit Agency is a digital marketing agency based in Workshed, Swindon.

How is August looking in your business?
Last month I celebrated The Pursuit Agency’s first birthday and I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a new team member. We’re continuing to focus on working closely with our clients and helping them flourish.

What are your personal plans for this month?
Asides from working away I’ll be getting in plenty of exercise. I believe that if your brain and body are healthy, you’re winning! I’ll also be spending some time creating memories with my lovely wife Steph and our two fabulous daughters with lots of different day trips.

What advice/tips would you give to small business owners trying to navigate the ‘holiday’ period?
Make sure you have time to rest – you can’t work if your burnt out! Set expectations with your clients and your team around the work that you’re going to be able to do with your children at home. We all need rest normally but it’s even more important to take time out if you’re doing the childcare as well and I’m sure 99% of the people you work with won’t have a problem with that because they’ll be in the same situation.

August 20 is World Photo Day. Can you share a photo that means something to you this year so far?
My cheesy photo of me launching The Pursuit Agency last summer has got to be my favourite photo so far! With the complete unknown of what laid ahead for me is documented in this one photo and the crazy but successful year that I’ve had since then has been amazing. There was no plan for my business and you can see the nervousness and excitement on my face in that photo and now I can look back on it every year and see how far I’ve come.

Did you know August 21 is World Entrepreneurs Day? What does this word mean to you and do you apply it to yourself?
I’d never expected to be a business owner when I was at school, or college, or even in my early phases of my career. 

For me, I still don’t consider myself an entrepreneur but as time moves on and I continue to gain these incredible experiences, I’m sure that I’ll feel that I’m an entrepreneur soon! 

A few days later on August 25 is Love My Accountant Day. Who is your accountant and why is this person so important for your business?
Phil Clark and his team at Chippendale and Clark are fantastic. They have a brilliant team who have become an important part of my team. They help me have a constant eye on my company performance and this allows me to make strategic decisions for my business. They’ve become a vital partner for The Pursuit Agency.

Can you name one business you’d like to give a summer shout out too? Who has gone the extra mile for you recently?
I’d be lost in the summer holidays if it wasn’t for, without Sean and the team, I wouldn’t be able to function over the summer! They provide my daughters with some fantastic activities during the school holidays.

Have you got any events planned for the autumn you’d like to shout about?
I’m really excited to be attending BrightonSEO but it’s at a slightly different location this year! I’ll be heading out to San Diego, California in November to be able to attend!!


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