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Sanjay Badhan's 2021 Business Growth & Plans

Today we're talking to Sanjay Badhan who is managing director of Future Planning, independent financial planning and mortgage company based in Wiltshire.

It's April  – how does this month fit into the ebb & flow of your year? 

The end of the tax year sees people making early contributions into products such as pensions, ISAs, VCTs, EIS investments among other things to get a handle on their future retirement and tax planning. It is a busy finish but lots of compliance and administrative works follow in April. 

We also have clients wanting to get ahead and make contributions earlier in the tax year. This is especially important with the recently announced freeze on personal allowances and IR35 coming into play for lots of former contractors. 

In addition, our mortgage services has never been busier, as the stamp duty holiday has been extended and people rush to move or buy, especially with the new first time buyer scheme launching.

Are you in a business which is either opening up this month – or preparing to open up? 

We plan to reopen the office fully and safely phase staff back in (we are currently operating on reduced numbers in the office). We cannot wait to welcome clients back in, as most have told us they prefer face to face meetings over a good coffee!

What are you most looking forward to as the country tries to ‘open up’?

Celebrating special occasions with close friends and family. There is a backlog of special birthdays to celebrate, weddings, engagements, babies born etc. Also, looking forward to working with staff and clients face to face again. We have done very well but it has not always been easy working remotely for everyone.

It’s also Stress Awareness Month, what measures have you taken in your business to reduce the stress on yourself & your team?

We have a morning Zoom call to speak about non-work things firstly, and I promote having a video call with a colleague or client rather than messaging/email/phone call. 

I advocate not rushing work, taking regular breaks including standing up and stretching. Going on long walks, speaking to friends and family regularly, booking something(s) to look forward to later this year and learning new skills/hobbies or picking up previously dropped ones (exercising for me). 

What do you do personally to support your health and wellbeing? 

Exercise again, socialise (even if over video calls) and read. I also eat quite healthily and have adjusted my diet recently, and I have seen the benefits.

Do you see your product/service as one which supports the health and wellbeing of others such as your clients? 

Absolutely yes. Clients who have a plan know what they need to do to have/maintain their lifestyle. It provides greater reassurance and comfort knowing even when something adverse happens such as a redundancy, there is a plan in place to ensure the impact of this is minimised and could even be a good thing.

As the year goes on, will you take health and wellbeing more seriously going forward?

Yes! I have been slack with physical exercise, as renovation works and business consumes my time, however, I am building this back in to my daily pattern and enjoying it again. I am noticeably more relaxed after exercising.

Have you got any big events - personal or business - you are preparing for later this year?

A party to celebrate our marriage last year, as most family and friends could not attend due to the restrictions in place. We also plan to do team-based activities more regularly again – whether it is teambuilding activities, dinner out or other. And we plan as a business to do a relaunch event, too.

Have you got any Spring services or special offers you’d like to mention?

We believe the excellent work and service we offer is special at all times and our clients know they always get 100% from us. 

And finally:

There is still lots of uncertainty out there with people being made redundant or on furlough. As such, should anyone have any questions then welcome to pop in or send an email/call us, as we are always happy to help even if only to point in the right direction.

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Future Planning

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