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Sanjay Badhan's 2021 Summer Business Plans

Today we're talking to Sanjay Badhan who is managing director of Future Planning, based in Old Town. The team are independent financial advisors and mortgage advisors helping people achieve their goals quicker by advising across a range of finance related areas.

May is the last month of Spring – how has Spring been for you so far? 

Busy! It doesn’t feel like there has been a pause, as since the end of the tax year and Easter we have clients wishing to get ahead with their plans for the year and also beat time-sensitive deadlines such as the stamp duty relief ending in June.

What are your plans for the Summer – for your business and for you? 

We are now welcoming clients back for face to face meetings and very happy to see lots of familiar faces, along with some new ones! 

Summer will be a busy one, as the furlough scheme winds down and some may experience redundancies thus requiring financial planning and assistance in what this may mean for them. 

Personally for me, we look forward to moving into our new home, as hopefully the renovations will be completed and hopefully a couple of short breaks to reset the mind and body.

What are you most looking forward this summer which you had to step away from last summer? 

Playing outdoor sports and spending more time with friends and family, hosting at home is something I love to do. I have known many clients for a very long time and not being able to see them face-to-face was difficult for us all, however, almost all clients have embraced technology really well!

May is National Walking Month, and walking was an activity which was one thing we could do over the last 12 months. Please share your walking experiences in recent years. 

Having moved more into the countryside, we enjoy going for very long walks and plotting routes using bridleways and other paths to tire our dogs out. 

We are planning to do a large walk, perhaps to a 'peak' this year in Wales and need to get a move on with the training for this! 

I have been an avid walker and experienced some great sights to-date. In particular while exploring Indonesia in 2017, a trek into Mount Ijen was a memory I will not forget, as this is an active volcano that has a blue fire. It is unique due to the high levels of sulphur (having to wear a mask and start at 1:30am to catch the best views before sunrise made it all the more challenging.

Where is your favourite place to walk?

The Wiltshire countryside is fantastic and we live not far from the Ashton Keynes lakes that provides lots of variety.

Have you got any events planned for the coming months which you’d like to mention? 

We plan to hold topical events across a range of areas such as tax planning, business owner strategy, mortgage clinics, redundancy planning etc, now that meeting in person is allowed again and more details on these will be shared in due course.

Are you attending (have you booked) any events at all for you as a business person, or for you personally that you are really looking forward to?

My wife and I enjoy festivals, theatre and concerts, however, given the amount that were cancelled we are waiting for certain that things are open before booking again.

What’s your one top business tip to help others be positive about their business in May 2021? 

Footfall is already picking up as the weather gets better and lockdown phases away so focus on making your business stand out, speak to people and network because those who can get out are keen to get out and visit their high streets again.

Tell us all one funny thing about you which we won’t know and you are happy to share (make us laugh!).

I have far too much cereal in the pantry, hoarding lots of different ones and annoying my wife. I layer different cereals to create combinations depending on the taste for my mood and it is definitely a go-to snack!

And finally:

We are all likely to get busy again as the world reopens but remember to make time for yourself – and your financial affairs! Have a plan and keep a good work/life balance. Also, continue to stay safe!!

For more information visit

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Future Planning

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