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Why you need to know the difference between Wi-Fi and the internet!

Picture the scene - it’s the peace and quiet of the New Year and you’ve finally managed to sit down and relax after the craziness of Christmas.

When you flop on the sofa to watch a film and indulge in sales shopping, websites won’t load and Netflix grinds to a halt. Is it your internet that’s the problem… or is it the Wi-Fi? People often use ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘the internet’ interchangeably when they are different things. So, what do they do and why does it matter to you?

What is the internet and what is Wi-Fi?

In simple terms, the internet is a mass of data. Wi-Fi is the technology used to send this data through the air to both networks and non-wired computers and devices. So, wireless technology allows your smartphone, tablet or smart TV to connect to the internet without a cable to your landline.

Think of the internet as a language and Wi-Fi as a way of sending and translating that language, so that everyone can understand and use it. Your internet provider (i.e., BT, Sky or PlusNet) is responsible for ensuring the internet reaches your router. Their responsibility ends at the point the signal connects to your router, which sends that internet signal around your home or business.

Why it matters to homes and businesses

Most businesses rely on internet access to function. Shops and cafes use Wi-Fi for stock databases and taking payments. Service based businesses - think accountants and insurance brokers - do virtually all their work online! And we’re increasingly digital in our personal lives, online shopping, streaming films and Facetiming family. If the internet stops working, you need to know where to start.

Where to turn for help

It’s always worth checking your router first. We find it’s often the source of the problem and saves you sitting on the telephone to your internet provider when it’s not their issue. Many routers provided when you sign up with an internet provider aren’t up to the job of pushing a Wi-Fi signal around anything bigger than a family home. Businesses who need their Wi-Fi to be spread over larger areas will need help. A Wi-Fi specialist can install a network which ensures the internet reaches everyone, including staff and customers.

Here at Black Nova Designs that’s exactly what we do for our clients. We specialise in installing and managing bespoke Wi-Fi networks for businesses of all sizes and types. We’re qualified experts in Wi-Fi solutions and can help you get connected with a network that’s perfect for your needs. We supply customers across the UK AND we offer free site surveys for Wiltshire-based businesses!

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