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John Lewis

John Lewis, of JL Mindset Performance, gives us some insight into his busy April!

It’s April, the second month of Spring and does this mean April showers or will it be a time of sunshine end to end? We’re catching up with some business owners this month to see how things are looking for them during April.

Today we’re talking to John Lewis of JL Mindset Performance who is a mindset development coach and provides mental health first aid training.

April is the first month with lighter evenings. How are you making the most of this?
Things just seem easier when there is more daylight! It doesn’t really affect my business or personal life greatly, but I just feel more energised like we all do!

I just wish it would stop raining and warm up so I can wheel the BBQ out!

How is April looking for you in your business?
April is busy which is great. The year has got off to a flyer in fact! I love the variety of my days. The highlight of April will be coaching some brilliant people as usual, facilitating a team development session with Specsavers, delivering first aid for mental health courses to a school and businesses.

The best thing about the month though will be working on a school holiday camp on a few mornings through the easter holidays. Basically, means I can mess around and be a kid again!

Are you taking part in any wider events or business collaborations this month?
Every other Friday I chair the Businesswise networking group which is always a great, fun and vibrant meeting. We are over 30 members now. If you want to visit email [email protected]

This month it’s Stress Awareness Month, what does stress mean to you? Do you support people with stress?
Stress is an inevitable part of life. It can help keep us focused, driven and help us get stuff done. It plays a crucial part in life, business, or sporting performance.

It’s an exclusive experience because what causes one person stress may not to another, however, there is a point to where certain levels can then hinder us and then start to cause us harm. That’s why understanding our own metrics is crucial.

Obviously, stress comes up a lot when I’m coaching clients and can be a barrier to people progressing, so helping people get to the bottom of their causes, helping them overcome these situations and give them practical tools to use to help when they feel stressed is quite common in my practice.

I have just facilitated a stress workshop for AAT members helping them on this very subject and we do a whole module on it in the mental health courses.

Is it your business’s birthday this month or an anniversary of any kind?
I don’t have a business anniversary, but my daughter turns 15 this month. I’m so proud of the young lady she is and how she is navigating herself through her little world. Being a dad is an honour and I am blessed to have a beautiful family around me.

I miss the days of Peppa pig though!

Some key awareness days/weeks/months in April include;

National Pet Month
Allergy Awareness Week – April 22 to 28
National Scrabble Day – April 13
World Heritage Day – April 18

There are many more – are there any awareness days/weeks/months which are particularly important for your business?
There are always awareness days/weeks/months that are relevant to my business, too many to mention, and they are great however I feel we should always be aware of certain subjects, not just a day/week/month to be talking about them.

For National Pet Month I’ll big up my pug Bobbi - the small dog with a big attitude!

Anything else you’d like to say?
If you`d like a coffee sometime then contact me!


You can find out more about John at

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