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Lis McDermott

January Talk with Lis McDermott


January is speeding by and it's only a week until the month turns into February. Sharing some of her thoughts about business in the new year is Lis McDermott, of Lis McDermott Writing Mentor, Author and Poet. Lis is based in Royal Wootton Bassett

What are your top  PR tips for 2022?
1.    Networking is important, whether online or face to face. As a small business owner, where I am a service, and I’m my business, meeting people is paramount.
2.    Being seen on social media. People are watching you even when you don’t realise, so often it may feel as though your posts aren’t getting much traction, but then you may suddenly be surprised by someone contacting you out of the blue.
3.    If you are offered opportunities by a PR guru, or a local magazine/outlet, embrace it with open arms. You are never too busy to say no, because you might not get another chance.

And your top financial tips? 
1.    Keep within budget, know how much you have coming in and going out.
2.    Spend money on services that have been proven to support your business, and not things that you think you should be buying, because it is on trend.
3.    Remember to save for tax, especially during these uncertain times!

Who are the top business buddies in your corner for 2022? 
Fiona Scott, Scott Media; Helen Richmond, Helen Richmond Photography and Hannah Edwards, Empowered VA Services.

What are your ethics for this year? 
Kindness; empathy; integrity

What do you expect of your suppliers this year? 
Understanding, patience and integrity.

What will you be investing in this year? 
PR for my upcoming novel.

Celebrating reaching my 70th year, and still loving business!

What will you be doing differently in 2022? 
For the first time, I’m feeling extremely proud to have been invited to be a judge for the Page Turners Award, a writing award, so I’m looking forward to working with them.

What are you doing for charity or community this year? 
I hope to create an Advent Poetry Book for a local charity, later in the year.

There are multiple ‘awareness’ days & weeks & months in January 2022 – could you pick just one and say why you’ll be engaging with it: 

Not surprisingly, as a writer, I engaged with National Handwriting Day last weekend (January 23). Due to our reliance on computers and keyboards, few of us take the time to write these days, and there are many good reasons why writing by hand is good for you.  I will be writing a blog on this…

And finally:
Have a wonderful 2022. I’m convinced that if you are able to embrace positivity, the year will hold many good outcomes for you.

You can find out more about her here

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