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Emma Georgiou

Emma Georgiou is sharing her plans for an exciting August!

August is upon us – it’s the month of holidays, summer fun and time off for many people. So how are small business owners coping with the month often known as ‘silly season’?

Today we’re talking to Emma Georgiou, Executive Coach, Consultant and Trainer who works with individuals and organisations to help them build resilience, improve performance, and create happier more cohesive teams.

Emma is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, but frequently travels across the country to support my clients.

How is August looking in your business?
August is a busy month for me. Firstly, my new website is launching later this month, and I am really excited about this. Not only will the look and feel be updated, but so will the services that I provide.

Since the original website launched in 2019, I feel that both my coaching and training services have evolved, and the updated website will reflect that.

I am also busy working on proposals and creating workshops for clients – this is all for delivery in early September. This coincides with the summer holidays ending and people returning to work ready to refocus and achieve their goals by the end of the year.

What are your personal plans for this month?
Aside from work, it is the summer holidays, so I am spending lots of time with my daughter. We are trying to get outside as much as we can and make the most of the sunshine. We are both learning to roller skate which is proving to be fun and challenging – probably more so for me! We also have a family holiday abroad planned at end of the month.

What advice/tips would you give to small business owners trying to navigate the ‘holiday’ period?
My tips would be to:

  • Take control of your calendar and plan ahead
    As early as you can, start mapping out working time versus non-working time. Make sure that your availability is made clear to any colleagues who might otherwise look for gaps to book in ad-hoc meetings. You could also add your availability to your email signature, and an automated out-of-office email message to inform people when they can expect a reply.

  • At home, what activities can you do to break up the days for the children? Do you want to send your children to summer camps, or perhaps there are playdates that can be arranged, where you can alternate who looks after the children?
  • Be present.
    Whether at work, or at home, it is important to stay present to remain focused. At home you could switch off email, Teams, and phone notifications to ensure you are not tempted to check in and get sucked into work whilst with the family.
  • Prioritise yourself.
    I’m not talking about salt baths and candles – though if that works for you, then go ahead! This is just a reminder that it is not just about the children or your work. As a parent, and as an individual, you need to look after yourself. What do you need to do for yourself to keep sane? If it helps you commit to yourself, you could also block time in your diary for you to do these tasks.

August 13 was International Left Handers Day. Are you left-handed and what issues, if any, have you ever had around being left-handed?
I am left-handed and so is my sister. In fact, there are quite a few family members who are left-handed, which is interesting in itself as approximately only 1 in 10 people are left-handed! I don’t think I have encountered many issues as a result of this. In fact, I think I was just told to use my right hand for things like playing hockey at school or using scissors.

The only time I can remember finding being left-handed a little bit annoying was when I was doing my PhD and had to pour liquids using a measuring cylinder. The measurements were only present on one side of the measuring cylinder, so I would pour using my left hand, then have to place it down and rotate it to see how much liquid remained in the measuring cylinder. I’m pretty sure there are left-handed measuring cylinders available now!

August 20 is World Photo Day. Can you share a photo as an attachment which means something to you this year so far?
This is a photo of my favourite UK beach – Old Hunstanton, North Norfolk. It is a beautiful beach which is always very quiet. When the sky is clear, you can watch the sun set over the horizon and it is truly breath-taking. On this occasion (early July 2023), it is very windy and I can see a storm coming in across the sea. Even though the weather wasn’t picture perfect, I still stood on the beach and watched the sea.
This place has a really calming effect on me and it reminds me to be present and live in the moment. It also shows me that I am part of something bigger, something hugely significant and magical.

In the times that I feel distracted, or am juggling too much, this photo reminds me to refocus on what is important.

Can you name one business you’d like to give a summer shout out too? Who has gone the extra mile for you recently?
Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to work with Barbara Leatham Photography (, who took the photos for my new website (launching soon).

Barbara is a fantastic photographer, she knows how to put you at ease and how to get the best from you – I don’t like having my photo taken, and Barbara made it so easy for me! I really enjoyed the experience and highly recommend her!

Have you got any events planned for the autumn you’d like to shout about?
This autumn I am running coaching and training programmes for a number of organizations who want to build resilience and improve the performance of their teams. I will also be running an online workshop on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - further information will be on my updated website, together with a registration link.


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