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Matt Gleed's Resistance Band Workout

Using bands as a form of resistance training remains a growing trend, partly because of how portable, affordable and effective they are. You can get a full body workout in at home, on the go or abroad – and can replicate gym workouts with a pocket-sized piece of equipment.

Try these 5 exercises for 30 seconds of work in a circuit x4 and you will have a great 20min workout:

Bear Crawls

Anchor at knee height, step inside band and place band around hips, with hands and feet on the floor crawl forwards alternating hand with opposite foot moving at the same time.

Wood Chops

Standing sideways to band anchoring, have your front foot at 45º away and arms out in front of you, pivot on back foot as you rotate torso with arms in front of you. Swap sides.

Back Lunges

Facing towards the anchoring. Start with band anchored at hip height and band secured around hips, take a large step backwards maintaining a straight spine, lower the back knee towards the floor. Keep working on the same side then repeat on the other side.

Chest Press

Stand in side the band anchored at shoulder height, holding band at shoulder width push in front maintaining a straight back.

Lateral Shuffle

Starting side ways to anchor point in an athletic ready position with band around hips, move laterally to target area and return to start position. Repeat other side.

  • Ensure safe anchoring
  • Check band for abrasions & damage before use
  • Control movement at all times
  • Practice the movement to ensure positioning and no over stretching
  • Do NOT over stretch the band by more than 2 yards / 6 foot / 1.8 meters

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Matt Gleed Personal Training

Matt Gleed Personal Training

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