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Top things to know before starting your new year fitness plan

When it comes to fitness plans, there are many things you need to consider, the most important that we are all individuals. Therefore, different in both mindset and physical health.

To help you we have listed our top things to know before starting a fitness plan to pave your exercise path of success.

1/ You are not alone.

January is the most popular month for people to join a gym. Use this to your advantage and channel your fellow gym members motivation into your fitness plan.

Work together to set goals and push each other to achieve your fitness targets. While remembering that small steps = big wins.

2/ Results take time, but it is worth it as are you.

We are all looking for that quick fix when it comes to fitness, but we are here to tell you there isn’t one. Physical results should begin to show in the first month for those who are exercising regularly, although we are all different.

But exercise does stimulate endorphins (the feel-good chemical) therefore you are guaranteed to at the very least feel better for your work out instantaneously.

3/ Water is the best natural hydrator.

Water is excellent for hydrating your body but timing and tailoring your fluids will aid results. It is possible to drink too much water when exercising. So, try where possible to formulate your intake;

  • Drink approximately half a litre of water one to two hours before your workout.
  • A quarter of a litre, 15 minutes before you begin.
  • Depending on the intensity of your workout, drink another quarter of litre every 15 minutes.

Experts also recommend eating and drinking within 30-50 minutes after a training session because that is when your body has the least amount of stored glycogen (the energy it has just used).

4/ Breathing is essential as the exercise itself.

Breathwork Is set to be a significant trend for 2019.

We know breathing is necessary for us to live, but we still give it very little attention. Focussed breathing can reduce stress levels, release muscle tension and improve mental health.

Taking five minutes out of your day to concentrate breathing will not only aid your mental well-being but physical output.

5/ Dress like you mean business.

As you would power dress for an important presentation. Arm your fitness plan with a suitable wardrobe. It need not be expensive, but exercise clothes that fit and feed your confidence are far more likely to get you moving and produce better results.

6/ Embrace the failure as much as the success.

Be prepared to fail as much as succeeding. Failure can conjure up a lot of negative connotations. However, when viewed correctly it is a great teacher. If you do not reach your goal or miss a session, ask yourself why and learn from the experience.

Let failure be your launch pad for success.

7/ It is a lifestyle choice.

Take care of your body it is the only place you have to live. – Jim Rohn

A fitness plan should be more than a pledge to lose weight. The right program should make you not only healthier but happier. Ensure that your program becomes part of your lifestyle and not another added chore.

8/ It’s never too late to stretch

When time is short stretching is always the first to go. Make time later in the day to stretch after increasing circulation with a warm shower or bath. The act will not only relax you but warm your muscles ready for the action of stretching.

We hope our tips help but remember to always seek professional advice before embarking on a fitness or dietary plan. Together we can be healthier in 2019.

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