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TGT Meets... Adam Woodyatt, Aladdin

Ahead of this year's Christmas pantomime at the Wyvern Theatre, we caught up with Adam Woodyatt, who will be playing the evil Abanazar. He's been telling us all about his role in the panto, future plans and a bit about his personal life!

What can the Wyvern Theatre audience expect from the Aladdin pantomime?

I love the Wyvern Theatre and actually ask for it. Aladdin has a great story and of course lots of laughs! After all you can’t have a pantomime without laughs!

What are you most looking forward to about taking on the role of the evil Abanazar?

Abanazar is an evil plotting man who wants the lamp for all its magician powers! So he has to pretend to be Aladdin and Twanky’s best friend in order to deceive them. Will he (me) get the lamp? You’ll have to come and see!

It must be a pretty hectic schedule. What are the most important things that help you keep fit and healthy for the duration of the panto? 

Honestly? It is the panto that keeps me fit as it's very enjoyable but hard work. Two shows a day can take its toll. However it's great fun and I love to hear the audiences reactions. 

Who is the ultimate panto baddie? 

There isn’t an ultimate baddie as all panto baddies are evil nasty and fun!!

What's your favourite panto or Christmas song of all time? 

They change each year so it depends on what I have most recently heard or learnt for the panto. 

What has been your favourite panto experience so far - either to watch or star in?

It will be this year’s pantomime as the one you are currently doing is always the favourite! (at the time!)

Having launched your own gin label, Neat Gin, what's your favourite festive gin serve? 

A lovely measure of Double Dutch Tonic with ice is perfect after a long day’s theatre or filming for me!

How will you be spending Christmas this year? 

As I only have Christmas Day off, me and Bev my wife try and plan Christmas lunch in a hotel near the theatre if possible.

If you have any down time, are there any local sites or areas you're looking forward to exploring? 

There isn’t any downtime with two shows a day. However, we do buy most of our Christmas presents in the town in-between shows. Of course these are the presents that Father Christmas doesn’t bring as we don’t want to spoil that, do we?

Looking back, what would you say your career highlight has been? 

I have to say EastEnders as its been life changing for me and a roller coaster of storylines and TV adventures. 

What’s next for Adam Woodyatt once the Aladdin pantomime comes to an end? 

Hopefully a surprise or two although I’m not able to discuss anything yet!

Aladdin will be at the Wyvern Theatre over the Christmas period from Saturday 8th December -Sunday 6th January. Find out more about Aladdin and book your tickets here! 

Wyvern Theatre Swindon

Wyvern Theatre Swindon

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