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Nightlife in Swindon

The question often asked is, is Swindon a good night out? Well our nightlife in Swindon guide is here to show you why Swindon's nightclubs and late-night bars are a must-visit. Find Swindon's best nightclubs in both Old Town and Swindon town centre, cocktail hotspots, gin bars, live music bars in Swindon, and local pubs to try. Explore the best nightlife in Swindon below.

Planning a big night out with friends in Swindon? Let us help you with our packed guide to the best nightlife spots in Swindon. Whether you're seeking to party the evening away in Swindon's best nightclubs, explore the nightlife areas of Swindon's Old Town, or enjoy an evening of live music and pub quizzes in Swindon's local pubs, our town has it all.

Swindon's busy late-night bars are stocked with the finest spirits and refreshing pints to partner the town's busy dance floors booming with your favourite tunes ... find out all you need to know about planning the perfect night out in Swindon here. 


Roves Farm
South Cerney Outdoor
Skydive Netheravon
Prime Theatre
Bounce R Us
Boom Battle Bar (NEW Animated Ad)
STEAM Museum of the Great Western Railway

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