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TGt Meets… Gary Lucy, The Full Monty

Ahead of The Full Monty stage show coming to Swindon's Wyvern Theatre, we spoke to Gary Lucy who's playing lead role Gaz all about being part of the show and what you can expect!

What can the Wyvern Theatre audience expect from The Full Monty show?

Everything that you would hope for from The Full Monty, the audience will not be disappointed. It’s such a fun show... they’ll have a great night out.

What do you most enjoy about being part of the show?

I just love doing it. It’s a great company and there is nothing like a live audience, especially with this show!

You’re playing Gaz in the stage adaptation, have you found any similarities between your-self and the character?

Gaz is such a gift of a role and there may be one or two similarities... they are both cheeky chaps with a twinkle in their eye!

What’s you’re favourite song in the show?

It’s all such iconic music it’s difficult to pick one... I love them all.

Having starred in some of the UK’s leading television shows, do you enjoy television or stage work more?

I enjoy doing both but they are really different. With tele you get the opportunity to do it again if you need to but with the theatre there’s no chance for a retake, it is what it is. And that’s a real buzz.

Have you ever been worried about stripping on stage?

No not really. If I’m honest it’s great fun, I love it... and we’re all in it together.

What do you miss about home when you’re on tour?

All the usual things... and of course my children but it’s the nature of the industry we rarely work close to home.

Did you know anything about Swindon before a tour date was planned here?

To be honest not really but I’m looking forward to finding out more when we’re there.

Looking back, what would you say your career highlight has been?

Well obviously Luke in Hollyoaks is probable the one, as I had such an amazing storyline… it was groundbreaking. And to be awarded Best Newcomer was incredible. But I love Gaz and The Full Monty, it’s a dream role for me.

What’s next for Gary Lucy once The Full Monty tour comes to an end?

I’m still doing a little bit of Hollyoaks and then there is a project in the wings next summer, once the tour has finished but it’s a secret so you’ll have to wait and see!

The Full Monty is at the Wyvern Theatre from 29th October - 3rd November. For further information or to buy tickets click here.

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