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Eight Interactive

Eight Interactive is a global digital content creator helping business communicate their content beyond text. The business is owned and managed by Pam Jones, who since 2001, has designed over 3,000 pieces of interactive digital content.

Through Pam’s leadership, Eight Interactive designs and makes three types of digital content.

1. Elearning courses

Want to save time and money, and deliver training more consistently? Eight Interactive works closely with Training Providers and Educational Organisations to design and develop interactive elearning courses in any subject, for any group of learners.

2. Animated explainer videos

Are you looking to promote your business through video but don’t want to get in front of the camera? Or perhaps you have some complex materials which you need to simplify?

Then consider Eight Interactive’s range of scripted and unscripted animated explainer video packages which:

  • Market and promote your business in a visual and engaging way and make your business stand out from the crowd
  • Simplify complex topics to help your audience understand content which they previously found difficult

3. Software demo videos

Do you need to train your customers or staff how to use specific software easily whenever they need it? Would you like to demo the features of the software in a way which helps sell the software to your prospective customers?

Eight Interactive will get to know your software and produce an easy to follow demo video which shows your audience how to use the software, system or platform step by step.

Whichever content you need creating, Eight Interactive has a knack of simplifying content, making your courses or videos highly engaging. This means they’ll communicate your message more effectively than text.

Get in touch with Pam for a FREE call to discuss your digital content ideas. Call 01793 239399 or email pam.jones@eight-interactive.com.

Pam would also like to hear from web agencies and digital marketers who would like to work with in partnership with Eight Interactive to offer video content services to their own clients.

W: eight-interactive.com

E: Email us

T: 01793 239399

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