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Rays ice cream review

REVIEW: Rays Ice Cream Tubs Delivery

What better way to treat the family on a lockdown Friday evening than with some delicious ice cream delivered by local ice cream producer, Rays Ice Cream?

We are now more than ever, doing our best to support local suppliers - and fortunately, living just outside Swindon, we have a fantastic variety of local businesses delivering delicious food supplies.

Pre lockdown if we fancied an indulgent treat, we'd nip down to the local Tesco and buy a tub of Ben and Jerry's. Which at around £5.00 for a small tub and from a big brand and local supermarket, it wasn't doing much good for the local economy - or our wallets.
We've been aware of Ray's for a while and they have been doing a fantastic job of marketing their new home delivery service across the area, so I thought I'd treat us all this weekend and give it a try.
Rays Ice Cream is home made in Swindon and they have a shop on Devizes Road, Old Town. They have geared up really quickly for the Coronavirus/lLockdown situation and have a fantastic e-commerce website with a range of treats including; ice cream cakes, bake at home brownies which are a great activity to try with the kids, family pack bundles with ice cream, cones and toppings, plus a massive range including vegan and fat free options.
We like the classics so we went for strawberry, chocolate and mixed it up with a Jaffa Cake ice cream! Ordering on the website was really straight forward and our delivery arrived the next working day. 
I managed to restrain myself and pop them straight in the freezer until my husband arrived home on Friday night. The tubs are really nicely branded in the Rays logo and they're a really good size (500 ml) and generously filled right to the brim!
We rushed through our dinner knowing what was ahead but we did let them sit out of the freezer for five minutes to let the ice cream soften a little before we dug in.
We didn't mess around with bowls and just grabbed a spoon and a tub. My husband and 2 year old daughter went straight for the Jaffa Cake ice cream which left me to enjoy my favourite - chocolate for all of five seconds before my daughter decided that Mummy's looked pretty yummy too! The Jaffa Cake was definitely my daughter and husbands favourite - with generous chunks of jaffa cake giving it a tangy snap softened by the soft and creamy ice cream it's a really unique and moorish flavour.
The strawberry tasted deceivingly healthy - like fresh strawberries and cream and it complimented the tangy jaffa cake ice cream really well.
I loved each one, but the chocolate won me over; indulgent milk chocolate flavour with caramel undertones and smooth and creamy balanced texture - just as good ice cream should be.
As well as the delicious flavours, my husband and I noticed that the ice cream 'held up' even after being out of the freezer for a good amount of time. Some ice cream brands go gloopy and watery but it still had it's full ice cream consistency.
At just £14.50 for 3 x 500 ml tubs for delicious local produce we most definitely won't be popping to the local shop for Ben and Jerry's again!
Click here to view Rays Ice Cream online shop - enjoy!
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