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Ask the Experts: Event Organising & Logistics

Question: I work for a large company in Swindon and have been tasked with organising a big event for our clients. I really want it to be a success but I'm a bit daunted and don't know where to start?

When planning an event of any size there are always certain things which have to be taken into account and considered. First things first, can you answer the 5 W’s about your Event idea?

  1. Why is the event being held?
  2. Who will be the stakeholders in the event? (who will be interested or involved in the event?)
  3. When will the event be held?
  4. Where will the event be staged?
  5. What is the event content or product?


For events large or small, the secret to success is in the planning. Use a plan to help coordinate your decisions in organising the event. That way you can keep track of your progress.

You will need to communicate your plan to everyone involved in the event. Everyone needs to understand what part they’ll play and how this fits in with the whole event theme and organisation. One way to do this is by writing an event manual.

A calendar or timeline may be useful to show everyone what needs to be done and when. Work backwards from the event date and put down all the fixed, non-negotiable dates first, e.g. when payment for equipment or venue hire is due.


This is all the bits you have to get right for the event to come together. It involves communications and management of people, products and facilities. Security, power, water, transport, accommodation, ticketing, and emergency procedures are all logistical concerns.

Order sheets for equipment, contact lists and maps for event staff, and signage to direct participants at the event are examples of logistical elements.

In summary, the key to arranging a successful event is to plan and keep track of what tasks need doing every step of the way. Refer back to your plan throughout the process and chase up suppliers and event staff to ensure they are completing their specific tasks on time. If there are any issues you can then manage these up front rather than waiting until things have already gone awry!

We hope this helps anyone tasked with organising an event. Feel free to contact Queen Bee Event Solutions for assistance with any events you're planning or take advantage of their consultancy service if it's just a bit of support and advice you need.

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