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Top Gadgets for 2017

It seems like technology changes so quickly these days, and keeping up with all the latest developments in the tech industry is a full-time job! Here at Total Guide to we've outlined the areas of gadgetry we're expecting to have a strong 2017.


10 Years of Apple's iPhone

Watch out for: iPhone 7S/8.
About: The first iPhone was released all the way back in 2007, meaning the iconic smartphone will be celebrating its tenth birthday IN 2017. We're expecting the new iPhone - typically released in the Autumn - to be full of new features. The iPhone 7S or 8, whichever they decide to release, has been rumoured to finally include wirless charging, plus the removal of the home button, replacing it instead with a touch sensor. This could lead to a thinner, lighter, iPhone. Not to mention all the new emojis that will no doubt be released as part of the iOS updates!


360° Cameras

Watch out for: Samsung Gear 360
About: 2016 saw Facebook and YouTube properly roll out their 360° video functionality, meaning that it's easier for the likes of us to publish our video to these platforms. With the Samsung Gear 360 releasing in 2016, I believe this opens the floodgates for more 360° video cameras coming to market at a more realistic and affordable price for non-professionals.



Watch out for: XBOX 'Project Scorpio'
About: In a move that is said to 'put an end to the normal console lifecycle', the XBOX Scorpio will build on the cross-compatibility of it's 'Play Anywhere' project, meaning users can play their games across Windows and XBOX platforms. With native 4K gaming and the near-certainty that it will include some Virtual Reality titles, the Scorpio is shaping up to be the most powerful games consol ever released. Playstation Pro will, no doubt, have a machine in the works to rival the Microsoft machine.


Wearable Tech

Watch out for: Apple Wearable Tech: Watch, Glasses. 
About: With the second generation of Apple Watch releasing in 2016 to such a critical and financial success, it would be silly to think that this trend is going to go anywhere in 2017. Expect more App Store apps to feature specific Apple Watch functionality, and perhaps new units - or at least straps - released with the traditional amount of fanfare. It's also reported that Apple are in the research stages for smart glasses, and going in to the augmented reality (AR) market. With Google Glass spectacularly flopping, this could be risky. But, in my opinion at least, if Apple are selling it, people will buy it.


Smarter Homes

Watch out for: Hive, Nest, etc. 
About: Having the facility to remotely control the features of your home isn't exactly new, but I expect the Hive system, and others like it, will gain more mainstream application in 2017. From being able to control the heating and hot water timing, to changing the temperature of each room, all off your smartphone is something I find really interesting. The added features such as motion sensors and door/window sensors that automatically send a notification to your smartphone when triggered have amazing applications for home security, too.


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