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Top 7 Business Ideas For 2020

Globalisation has led to easier ways of doing business. For instance, you can conduct a meeting with foreign partners through video-conferencing. Such is the way of business today. If you want to start a business, below are a few ideas you can try out.

Greeting Cards

Selling greeting cards is one of the best businesses to start. It is a seasonal enterprise. Still, all you need are cards for every occasion.

If you are looking to start a greeting cards' venture, make it creative. There are several gift shops providing greeting cards. Hence, it would help if you made your business stand out. For instance, have an ecommerce store. Buy your goods from the manufacturer and post them on the online platform. But, remember that this is a seasonal venture. So, post your greeting cards when they are in demand. For instance, during the valentine's period, have as many cards as possible in your store. This way, you will meet the high demand.

Content Writing

Writing content for various websites and companies is one of the best ways of making money. You do not need any capital. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection. Do your research and find out how to produce good content. Also, your employer is looking for original writing pieces. So, you need to be creative and imaginative. This is where you can also hone your skills as a writer. Find a company or website whose work appeals to you. If they are looking for a content writer, make yourself available. You will have fun writing about something you are passionate about. Also, you will manage to evade the stress that comes with ordinary jobs.

WordPress Support

Another idea for those interested in writing is WordPress support. WordPress is an online service that allows individuals to create content. You can choose to blog about certain disciplines such as fashion and art. Also, you can use the platform to showcase your photography skills. Still, most of these activities are not income-generating. You are only sharing with the world your different views, talents, and criticisms. So, if you are looking to make money on this platform, join its support team. Help content creators develop their stories. The quality of service provide determines how well you are paid.

Online Tutoring

Teaching is a fair practice. If you are someone who likes helping others, consider online tutoring. It is an emerging enterprise. This is because the internet has provided opportunities that many can exploit. Online tutoring is considered one of the small business ideas of the decade. With the advent of virtual learning, tutors are becoming independent. This has led to the creation

of several online schools. One can access more courses in these schools than they could at a reputable institution. Online tutoring also has significant advantages. Like other online ventures, transactions are done on a subscription basis. Therefore, as a tutor, one cannot fail to make money. All the students on the roster are making payments monthly or yearly. Thus, you can go ahead and make them knowledgeable. Some tutors from CustomEssayOrder can write any your task in a very short time.

Career Coaching

This is a venture that has attracted several individuals. Every day, people are looking for experts to guide them on their career path. Those in the job market want to reach the peak of their careers. Self-employed persons also want to attain a certain target in life. If you can motivate people to achieve their professional goals, become a career coach.

It is one of the most innovative business ideas. Still, there are many experts in the career coaching field. So, it would help if you came up with a strategy that can differentiate you from them. You can do this by finding a philosophy that will speak to your audience. This way, you will gain the attention of companies who want career coaches.


Dropshipping is a great idea if you like working from home. With this kind of venture, you do not need a large space. It is a retailing enterprise. But, unlike the common seller, you do not hold stock. Instead, you provide your customer's order details to a wholesaler or manufacturer. This way, you act as an intermediary. It sounds simple but requires a little effort. First, you need to have an excellent supply chain system. You need to make sure the smooth flow of information from your suppliers and to your customers. Then, it would help if you had a clientele. Start slow so that you can get to know your customers. Once you have identified your clientele, expand into a full-fledged dropshipping enterprise. Remember to check out professionals who can write my essay in your spare time. They easily can help with any college task.

Home-Based Catering

Home-based catering is a great idea for talented cooks. You do not need to be employed at a restaurant when you can have your business. Although, according to most cooks, you need to work with the best to become an expert. This is true as culinary skills are acquired in the field. Yet, if you have spent enough time honing your skills, consider home-based catering. All you need are ingredients, proper equipment, and cutlery. Decide on the kind of events you would like to cater to. Consider the extra equipment you will need if you will be cooking from your home. You can gain your clientele base by starting with simple events.

The quality of your service will determine the number of references you get. If you are good, you will have a full-running home-based catering service in no time. You can ask professional to writes resumes that work online special for you.

Bonus Tip: Email Marketing

Marketing has been made simple by the internet. Today, marketing occurs on social media platforms, emails, and streaming services. On YouTube, advertisements are growing by the day. It is now one of the future business ideas of 2020. As a result, more firms are using the platform to promote their products. You will find that the same is happening on Gmail. Different companies are using the electronic messenger system to market their services. As an individual, you can offer the service of email marketing to a reputable company. Here, you act as their

intermediary in promoting their goods or services. Based on the number of sales you can make, you should receive a fee. Some see email marketing as a dead venture. Yet, it remains one of the best small business ideas of 2020.


If you want to start a business this year, consider the ideas provided above. You can open a drop shipping business or an online tutoring program. You can also practice content writing or provide home-based catering. Ponder on all the tips discussed above to come up with the best idea.

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