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Thank You from Total Guide to - Let's Celebrate Local

As lockdown starts to ease in Swindon and Wiltshire, it's been fantastic to see businesses starting to wake up. For many there will be challenges ahead as the economy starts to deal with the unintended consequences of Covid19 and the concern that lockdown could come back. We've tried to uphold a 'Dunkirk' spirit during this time, even though things have not been easy in many businesses.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the businesses in Swindon which have kept faith with us at Total Guide to Swindon during this time and those who have put their faith in us and embraced the power of digital marketing too. We wish to thank anyone who has shared our posts or articles across their own social media platforms and helped us make a difference and keep business owners informed and visible during this period. We hope that this spirit of support and collaboration can be one of the lasting legacies of lockdown. 

One of the ways in which we have done this has been to share business owners' views and experiences as lockdown came and as we started to 'get back to business'. These profiles, composed by our business jouranlist Fiona Scott, have proved very popular on our site and have allowed our clients, friends and contacts to share their feelings and experiences during this time. Overwhelmingly these articles have shown the resilience, strength and courage of the SME sector in our community. They have been honest, heartfelt and caring as well as offering useful tips and suggestions for the future. 

To recognise this and to promote positive business news and thanks at this time, during August & September we will be inviting our clients and local business owners to take part in a series of simple interviews around 'Celebrate Local'. We will be asking you to celebrate and shout out to your suppliers, clients, customers and communities who have supported you and who you want to recognise in the most public of ways. We will run a story every working day across several weeks showcasing your thoughts and feelings about those who have helped you survive and thrive. 

You will need to supply a picture or an infographic which illustrates your overall message and answer a series of questions drawn up by Fiona. If you'd like to take part please email us on [email protected] or register your interest here and we'll send you the questions. 

Let's all get back to business together celebrating the diversity of business owners in and around Swindon - from micro to small to medium to big! We all have a part to play in helping Swindon to recover its leading role as the second most economically active town or city in the South West.

Click here to register your interest if you'd like us to send our Q&A for the 'Celebrate Local' feature.

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