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What a difference a year makes!

It seems like only yesterday we were all raising a glass in celebration of switching the 'on' button to our website...

...when in fact, it's been a lot longer!

In March, we celebrate turning the grand ol' age of 1, and it's been a whirlwind year of building fantastic relationships, exposing businesses to wider local demographics, and tweeting to our heart's content. 

We'd like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the ongoing support you and your business show the website and our team - it's our biggest motivation. 

As well as the businesses and our site sponsors inSwindon, we'd also like to thank our site users who continue to turn to Total Guide to Swindon as their main source of local information, offers, competitions, and content. 

If you're as nosy as we are, you'll want to know exactly what's been going on, and how we've marked our success:

  • Over 125,000 unique visitors to the site since last March; 87%+ from Swindon and immediate local surrounding areas.
  • Registered 11,000 members to the site; of which 6,000+ have been active on their account each month.
  • 2,000 Facebook connections on our official page:
    • 76% of which have their account location listed as 'Swindon'. 
    • Average weekly reach of 3,761 Facebook users.
  • Over 2,100 Twitter active followers:
    • (We thank the recent snow for a good 200 of these)
    • Current influence (Klout) listing of 55.
    • Average exposure per tweet: viewed by 750 users. 
  • And on a less-serious note, our client entertainment bill: £14,275 (wow!)

Our promise to you is that we'll always strive to be fantastic ambassadors for Swindon, and to improve on all successes we have. 

And one final thing... thank you for being a friend of Total Swindon

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