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TGt Meets...Dennie Smith - IWD Special

To honour International Women's Day, we had a chat with the founder of the Old Style Dating website Dennie Smith, about why we should celebrate this day and what it's like to be a woman in business!

Name: Dennie Smith

Location: Old Style Dating, Greater London

Occupation: Founder of the website Old Style Dating

Which woman would you compare yourself to?

My grandmother Peggy. She was always happy and positive. She worked hard all her life , during the war my grandad was injured and often off work ill , so she juggled different jobs to bring money in and bring my mum up. She sadly fell down the stairs whilst pregnant the second time and lost that baby girl. She still had a cleaning job in her 70s, and bought her first business ( a little cafe) in her late 50s, it was always a dream of her’s. My grandad died in his 50s. So she was alone for many years until she died age 84.

What would you say is your most valuable skill and why?

My best skills are my customer service skills. It’s paramount that I give 100% good customer service and always with a smile. Manners are free.

Why do you think it's important to have an International Women's Day?

Because women have come such a long way, especially in the last 100 years. Although there is still much work to be done in many other countries still. Sadly I won’t be around in another 100 years to see the progress.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

I’m a workaholic, so being honest I don’t give myself down time. I get up at 6 am daily to get everything done. I have started ( trying anyway) to put my Ipad etc away at 8 pm . Walking the dogs for an hour does me good.

Have you ever had to give up or miss out on anything in order to pursue your career?

The main thing that’s been affected, is time with my children. I went to the cinema with my son recently and sneaked in the loo to reply to an email.

Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give to fellow females looking to get into your profession?

Research, test the market. And have a huge budget!

If you could have dinner with 5 inspirational women dead or alive, who would they be and why?

  • Emmeline Pankhurst
  • Queen Elizabeth 1
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Rosa Parks
  • Odette Sanson

I want to ask them so many questions about their lives, their loves, the challenges and their advice.

As a successful female, where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

To have millions of happy customers, lots of weddings and the company name all over the London red buses.

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