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Book Review: The Business Whisperer

Liz Ledger reviews The Business Whisperer by Carpeo Director, Peter Wilcock.

I actually get the proverbial taken out of me in the office for being such an avid business book reader. I can all too often, however, find them a bit like ‘homework’ and don’t necessarily read them for pleasure, but they help keep me on the right track in terms of business direction.

So when Peter Wilcock, a client of mine for whom I have a great deal of respect for told me he’d written a business book and asked me to review it, I jumped at the chance! Although, I have to admit I was concerned that I’d taken on a bit too much and wouldn’t be able to fit in. However, I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in 2 evenings; it is a very short and digestible 155 pages. 

It is such a refreshing change from your normal business book which can all blur in to one after a while and none tend to stand out or really grab you. This certainly isn’t the case with The Business Whisperer though. It will stay with me forever and I’m already applying the principles and analogies to the business and passing them on to the team.

What makes this book so different is that the philosophies are described using animals as the imagery and it’s told as a story which unfolds as Exley Manning, a 78 year old philanthropist who, over his long career, has discovered the secrets of life so many others have searched for in vain.  His chance encounter with Art Biddle, a young entrepreneur, leads to a fascinating journey of learning as the two become great friends. 

I enjoyed the story of the friendship evolving, the growth of the characters and the meaning and learnings behind Exley’s wonderfully descriptive teachings.

If you run a business or are in a management or leadership position then I would absolutely recommend this book to you. The very Famous ‘Who Moved my Cheese’ used to be my favourite but this has surpassed that classic by far! I finished the book feeling upbeat, focussed and full of new ideas to apply to my business.

The Business Whisperer; Refreshing, memorable and thought provoking.

Big thanks to Peter for writing it and asking me to review.


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