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Property developer and mentor Mandy St John Davey named National Vice Chairman of Women In Property

Property developer and mentor Mandy St John Davey has been named as the first woman from South Wales to become the vice chairman of the campaigning organisation Women In Property.

Mandy, who has properties across South Wales and overseas, has immediately taken on the role of Vice-Chairman and will go on to take on the role of Chairman in March next year. 

She said: “I’m deeply honoured to be offered the role of Vice Chairman which will allow me to follow in the footsteps of the current chair Jo Williams.  Like Jo, I firmly believe women in property and construction should be seen and heard."

“We believe success and its rewards should be founded on merit and expertise, rather than gender.”

Women In Property made the official announcement last week to its membership:

"We are delighted to announce Mandy St John Davey, a former South Wales branch Chairman, has been appointed National Vice Chairman of Women in Property.  Mandy has been a member of Women in Property for many years.  She has helped build the profile of the organisation significantly in South Wales in recent years and has been particularly instrumental in building the education outreach programme, encouraging children and young women to aspire to a career in the industry, currently coordinating the National Student Awards for the South Wales area.   Mandy will succeed Jo Williams as National Chairman in March 2019." 

Mandy’s passion for property has developed over the years, having bought her first house in South Wales aged just 18.

At work, she rose through the ranks, having started work as a receptionist as a teenager, to become a self-employed IT specialist. However two bouts of the crippling disease ME made her reconsider her options and she realised she could have a successful future in property investment.

She set about finding properties prime for improvement and either selling them on or renting them out, while also buying new builds off-plan. In her first two years, she bought and sold between 40 and 50 houses. Today her portfolio is of considerable value and she takes an active role in encouraging women and girls into the construction and property sector. 

In South Wales, she’s a former chairman of the South Wales branch of Women In Property, and currently organises their National Student Awards for South Wales.  Mandy is also a mentor with the Princes Trust and a regular commentator on issues around property, homes, landlords, small business on television, radio, and in the print and online media. 

Mandy said: “Over the next few months I plan to continue to raise the profile of the organisation and women in property and construction whenever possible, fully believing that women should have a voice within the industry.  I will be working closely with Jo Williams the current Chairman to ensure her good work continues when I become Chair.” 

Women In Property is a membership organisation which actively seeks to create an industry which is balanced, diverse and inclusive. It has ten regions across the UK and each region has multiple groups which meet and hold events throughout the year. There are groups which meet in Bristol, Bath, Swindon and many other areas. 

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