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Nellie Abbott

Nellie Abbott, of Edge Tax, shares with us how busy March has been for the company

It’s March! The first month of Spring and the month the clocks go forward this month so it will be lighter nights and less time asleep! It was also the Budget this month! What does the world of business look like this week?

Up today is Nellie Abbott who is the marketing manager at Edge Tax. They are a private tax firm based in Bristol who specialise in HMRC enquiries and investigations, inheritance tax, compliance, tax risk and business structure.

How is March looking for you in your business?
March will be a busy month for us, not only is there the budget but also with the financial year end in April many clients will be looking for some last-minute tax planning. As people start to panic about the end of the tax year and what savings can be made which need to be implemented– pensions, gift aid, ISAs etc and with dividends and CGT allowances reducing from 6 April there are other things that should be considered.

Marketing this month focused on tax investigations as HMRC ramp up the number of enquires they are sending out. Apparently, the number of tax avoidance schemes is on the rise so I am sure HMRC will be quick to shut them down.

We are hosting a networking lunch for a few of our intermediaries at Nutmeg in Bristol.

MD Anton Lane is running the London Marathon in April so I will also be busy supporting his fundraising efforts.

We are also having new corporate photos done this month which is a great opportunity to show the team in different ways and a panic of what we all will look like!

The Budget takes place on March 6 – if relevant what did you think of it?
Until starting work with Edge Tax I was fairly ignorant about the Budget and what it would mean for me personally but now I pay close attention to it for work and for how it may impact my home life.

Whilst I would love to see Inheritance Tax abolished, I also acknowledge for work this wouldn’t be ideal with all the IHT planning we undertake. The thought of having a lifetime pension is also very appealing.

This month was International Women’s Day, St David’s Day, National No Smoking Day – was there an awareness day or week this month which is important to you or your business?
I love celebrating Internationals Women’s Day at Edge Tax. We have a great group of women in the company who range from support staff to our Senior Tax Manager. Being a small team its lovely to have a great male/female ratio. I made sure to create some social media posts about the women and what they achieve inside and outside of work.

March is also Mother’s Day (March 10) is this an important day for your business? If so why?
Being a private tax firm Mothers’ Day doesn’t really impact the business but we have a few mums on the team so we made a fuss of them!

Would you like to share your thoughts about your mother, a mother figure in your life or your life with a mother or as a mother?
I am incredibly close to my mum; she is my advisor on everything, a fantastic role model and she makes the most awesome Granny to my little girl Nancy (7). Watching her close relationship with Nancy is one of the greatest things about becoming a mum.
Being a mum is by far the hardest job I have ever had but I would not change it for the world. It is an honour to bring another human into the world and watch them grow.

Nancys blows me away on a daily basis. She is kind caring and extremely funny. There are also times when she isn’t doing as I ask, I feel like I am debating with a mini me. The stubbornness is beyond all levels. And for that I am very sorry to my mum as I now know how she felt!

I only hope that as she grows up, we have the same relationship that my mum and I have and I hope I am half the mum that my mum is.

In the yearly cycle of your business – what do you expect during March?
March is always a busy one for us!

Have you got any special offers for March or April that you’d like to mention?
I have previously mentioned Anton’s marathon efforts but also, I think April will see new members of staff joining the team as we are currently recruiting tax trainees to help support the consultancy team.


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