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How to Structure your Company as it Grows

When starting up a company your main aim should be for it to grow continuously. With the growth of your business the company structure needs to be strong and will need to be flexible to adapt to the growth.

Careful planning and strategising is key for the successful growth and change in organisational structure in your company. Here are a few things to consider when planning your growth and organisational structure:

Understand the roles needed
Founders of a start-up will try to save money by fulfilling as many roles as they’re able to. However the founders will not always have the knowledge or the skillset to be able to do everything, therefore they’ll need to define the gaps of what they aren’t able to fulfil and recruit accordingly. With the growth of a company the more employees will be required, which means roles will need to be reviewed and defined on a regular basis.

Understanding the structure required
As more employees are recruited, the structure changes with how different employees work with one another. Eventually leaders and managers are going to have to be recruited or promoted within where possible. Therefore understanding the hierarchy of the company will help establish the structure and how the team or multiple teams work together.

Team growth
As a company grows the more employees will be needed. It’s important to recruit the right employees to fit your business plan and with the right skillset and knowledge to fit the company. To attract the right talent, founders will need to offer attractive pay and benefit packages, whilst also offering the correct training and development opportunities to make the employees want to stay. Eventually, when the company is big enough the founders will need to bring in someone to manage the recruitment process, whether that’s a recruitment agency or a HR manager.

Implementing Procedures
As the company grows, set procedures, processes and rules will need to be implemented to make sure all employees are doing what they’re supposed to. These procedures will need to be in line with the business processes, without stifling employee’s creativity and initiative. It’s important for the growth of a company to  embrace and encourage their employee’s creativity and initiative as they’ll be able to bring new ideas and develop the company further - thus leading to further growth.


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