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Hannah Edwards

Hannah Edwards of Empowered VA Services is looking forward to an amazing 2023 in business!

Hannah Edwards, of Empowered VA Services, is a virtual assistant and social media manager who has been in business for six years. She supports a variety of clients in the UK, US and Switzerland, with different tasks and is looking forward to a crazy 2023!

My business has changed so much since I started, and I can already tell that this year is going to be the best year to date! I’ve adapted my business so that I offer a lot more hands on support with events and programmes that they running.

Last year was the first time that I helped out my client Fiona Scott of Scott Media at some of her in person all day events as well as when she attended business expos over the UK. This year we’re doing it again and it’s great to have someone who will let me experience that with them but also to learn from. She’s always on hand if I have a business dilemma and need to talk it through with someone and I’m very thankful to have met her.

For my business I’m looking forward to a number of things. I want to grow and take on my first associate. I always promised myself that I would get to the point where I can take someone on, perhaps someone new to the industry that I can help start their business and support them as they grow the way my clients have supported me as I learnt on the job.

Another thing that I’m really looking forward to in 2023 is finding a charity that I can support with a few hours a month to stay on top of their admin needs or their social media. I haven’t found the one yet but we’re still at the beginning of 2023 and I know that when the time is right I’ll find the one I’m meant to help!

Finally, I’m looking forward to continuing to network. I have some great events coming up throughout the year and I have my regular networking group, Businesswise. We meet every other Friday at the Bassett Down Golf Complex and although the mornings are early the company makes up for it! Everyone there is so supportive and have helped me in a number of ways over the years of being there.

Here's a fabulous 2023 for us all!

For more information about Hannah visit

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Scott Media is run by a UK-based journalist with more than 20 years' experience in the media - print, radio and television.

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